Celebs Look Chic In: 1920′s Cloche Hats! LEIGHTON MEESTER Wears D&K

Innocent and Sweet or Sly and Conniving?  We all know what Blair Waldorf is about!  But one thing we can all agree on is that her character has STYLE!  Here Lieghton Meester is looking a bit coy in one of D&Y’s 1920′s cloche’s as if stepping right out of The Artist or  Fitzgerald’s Å’This Side Of Paradise or Å’The Great Gatsby!

For Spring 2012, D&Y has created a fashion forward array of straw cloche, wide brimmed floppies and bucket hats that Caroline Reboux herself would be proud of! Here’s a sneak peek in their catalog:

2012 spring-summer collection d&k Offering a range of colors and styles accented with bows, knots, grosgain bands and florals, these hats easily go from day to evening without skipping a Å’Charleston beat.   Iconic flappers of the 1920′s such as flamming red haired Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Colleen Moore and Gloria Swanson, who set the tone for their “Jazz Age” contemporaries sporting chic and colorful frocks would approve of D&Y’s homage to these chapeaus!

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