Dermablend Covering Tattoos Products: Photos, Description + How to in 3 steps

Dermablend Professional is a ‘coverage cosmetics’ brand in the U.S .A that offers  an array of   Covering Tattoos  Products dedicated to problem skins and to help you hide your tattoos when you don’t want them to display .

There are videos all over the internet  showing how well Dermablend concealers are working and although I don’t have any tattoos  I think using  specialized covering tattoos brand,  knowing few inside info on these products and 3 steps how to guide,  should be enough to make your meeting with an important client or beach trip with grandparents more relaxing… Of course, you can use this products to hide  unwanted scars or dark circles!

Here are the products and description  I have from Dermablend Professional experts of 3 of their best products:


1) Apply Dermablend Tattoo Primer (SRP $25) directly on the tattoo to help improve the laydown and application of the Leg and Body Cover Foundation.  This allows for a more natural and flawless look while enhancing wearability.  This smooth, blend-able primer glides on easily and is suitable for large surface areas.

2) Once you’ve primed, get to covering with the Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Foundation (SRP $27). This full coverage body foundation with SPF 15 boasts a lightweight formula that provides flawless coverage, even on large skin surfaces.

3) Finish off with Dermablend Setting Powder (SRP $22) over your foundation for up to 16 hours of smudge-resistant, long-lasting wearability.  Transparent upon application and fragrance-free.


Dermablend is available at Ulta, Macy’s and at

This is a presentation only post, based on research and Dermablend info, so please do share your experience! I will clarify something:  Dermablend Proffesional brand is different from Vichy Dermablend products range which are also known as great covering products. What did you use? Is this product gentle with your skin? Are the results great or lasting?

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