Hairstyles: Top Ten Ways To Wear Your Long Hair

Long Hairstyles

I had many many hair lengths and hairstyles, some of you know that. After my last perm adventure, followed by my pregnancy period (while I waited for my straight hair to grow back and cut the damaged one), I got layers and bangs. Now I’m anxious to have it back all-in-one-length and grow it long (but not too long).  I always say after age 50, I will cut my hair short and change color to ash blonde (seriously). :) At this moment, long hair feels best and looks best on me, but the real reason I like my hair long is because I like to play with it, to wear my hair in many different ways…

If you have long hair you can wear it :

1. In a pony tail. The pony tail can be a chic way to pull your hair up or a comfy style on hot days when the temperature is in the 90′s. There are many types of pony tail hairstyles (I will write about the best looking in my future posts).
2. To wear it down or to pin the bangs. I like it like it down on cold days  it really does keep me a tad warmer. I noticed when I was out today, that everybody around me had their had covered or at least the ears. I found myself thinking ” I have such dense hair it keeps me warm on so low temp”.
3. To cover your hair with a scarf because it feels warmer or use a scarf as headband in sunny days.
4. You can straighten just the back of your hair and make it wavy on the sides.
5. When you’re outside working, to curl your long hair, to look shorter.
6. This is also a good style for hot days when you wearing a hat for a sexy look.
7. To wear your hair up into a bun. It took me a long time to find old fashioned hair pins but I finally did ()so I could put my hair up into a real old fashioned bun. I really love the braided bun chignon also.
8. To  pull your hair into a tail then twist it to the top and tie it again in a bun. I do this when I am going to be home alone because it keeps my hair out of the way and if I undone it looks like a soft curly water fall on my back.
9. Keep it away when you’re going to sleep into one long loose braid down your back. This  way I keep my hair nice and neat for the next day.
10. You can put a fancy barrette (my pink barrette). I use a many of barrettes to hold my hair it depends how fancy I want to be. A nice rhinestone barrette is great for a expensive night out or just a plain barrette, double, matched with your hair-shade if the occasion is not quite as fancy. I’ll show you my barrettes collection soon:)

Please feel free to share your opinions and let us know your favorite hair length and hairstyle!

2 Thoughts on “Hairstyles: Top Ten Ways To Wear Your Long Hair

  1. I am always torn between my long lovely (according to some, anyway) hair and an easier above-the-shoulder length cut. I tend to forget about getting a haircut for months and months, and when I finally catch a glimpse of how long it is I get it chopped off! I always LOVE the shorter hair, and get lots of compliments on it when I do cut it shorter…but I miss playing with my hair! I have an entire wardrobe of hair accessories, many of which are useless with the shorter style. So…I don’t know which length I’ll be sticking with. I’ll probably just continue as I am…forget, cut, love short, forget, cut, love short…etc.!

  2. Cute ideas! Especially since I have long hair and usually have no clue what to do with it. I like the length and I do like a sleek look but sometimes I’d like something new and fresh. Thanks for the ideas! :)

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