Virtual Plastic Surgery & Hairstyles Software Review

Have you ever wondered what you would look like after cosmetic surgery? Ever wonder what a tummy tuck, nose job, facelift or a breast enlargement or reduction would do to your appearance? Would you like to see what the results could be without going under the knife? to do it? If you answered ? A potential answer to any of these questions, is MyBodyPart makeover software.
We all know that plastic surgery is a major life decision and so many people would like to see what they could look like before making the decision to go ahead and have surgery done. has created a way for both men and women to see what they would look like after various cosmetic surgeries produces and it is available for free! :) All you have to do is download the free makeover software and begin your individual transformation, right in the privacy of your own home. You can give yourself a virtual plastic surgery makeover at your convenience. Then you’re just a few clicks away from virtually revamping your entire body. Test out different hairstyles, facial implants, breast sizes and have fun reinventing yourself.

In addition to this feature, the site offers a photo rating section where you can upload your photo and have people rate you. After downloading the software, you can make the changes you wish and upload your picture to our site.
In continuing with the plastic surgery decisions, once you have had the chance to virtually revamp your body and you’ve seen how great you can look after making a few small changes, you might be ready to meet with a plastic surgeon that can make your new look a reality. offers a section on the site where you can provide some basic contact information and you will be put in contact with The BEST Board-Certified Surgeons :) Even if you’re afraid or hate cosmetic surgeries, feel free to try it, it’s the easiest change you’ll ever make and it’s also fun!

6 Thoughts on “Virtual Plastic Surgery & Hairstyles Software Review

  1. Great way to see how you are going to look before going under the knife.

  2. faith24 on October 29, 2008 at 9:58 am said:

    This is a fun and safe way to change your face and body without going under the knife. I am going to play with software, even though i dont really want the surgery:)

  3. Why i cant save the output image on this software?

  4. HI! I really don’t know.You can make print screen if it doesn’t work to save it.Is this workin for you?

  5. Hi Maddie!Thanks for your information. By the way I don’t want print screen version. I could not even save and publish. I had been trying to solve this problem. I am appreciate for those people who share your words at here.

  6. meagan on January 24, 2011 at 6:29 am said:

    how do i try this out ? like what do i click on?

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