How To Determine Your Eye Shape

To determine your exact eye shape one must know the Almond Eye Shape considered The Classic Eye Shape, one of the beauty emblems…

I’ve noticed after giving birth, that my eyes shape changed. I’ve started then my own research on the standard shapes to establish the exact change of my eye shape and why certain makeup styles don’t look the same on my face as before. So, after 5 months of research on eye shapes I have tons of info’s for you regarding eye shapes and makeups styles that better suits your eye shape:

First, there are 3 large categories for Eye Shapes: Physical Shape, Eye Placement and Eye dimensions.
According to the physical eye shape, eyes can be:

  • almond shaped
  • oval shaped
  • round shaped

According to the eye placement, eyes can be:Eye Shape Swatches

  • hooded or no-lid
  • droopy or moon shape- the outer corner slips down.
  • wide-set or far-apart
  • close-set or close together
  • deep-set or sunked
  • prominent
  • average -the eye is not deep-set, protrude,or any category above.

Also, according to the eye dimension:

  • small
  • big
  • standard or average -  the lid is visible and has the same dimension from one side to the other, the corners of the eyes are aligned, the distance between the eyes is not bigger
    or smaller than the width of one eye.

As I said, the Almond Shape is considered the classic eye and most popular of all shapes. Anyone  has one or more of the shapes described.I personally have 3 or 4 : almond, deep-set, average size (now that my face is wider seem to be and small). I hope it has nothing to do with bone structure changes from birth and it will change back this summer when I’ve set my weight comeback limit.
The Standard Eye Shape is in fact the Almond physical shape and Standard or Average for placement and dimension.

Let’s talk about the Almond Shape:The Almond Shaped eye is in the shape of the almond nut.These eyes are are well-balanced with upswept lift of the outer corners. Asians’s eyes are not necessary almond shape. Most of them are almond, no-lid/hooded or average. So, you can choose the categories that your eyes are included and wear makeup suited to your specific shape. What I want to say by suited to their shape?

Objective: Since the strandard eye is included in those 3 categories the makeup should follow the tendency to create a almond eye, average lid, average or size eye, well-balanced position. For this target there are tips and tricks for any specific category you fit. I would love to write a future post for you with this info pictures to best describe the changes for each application.

Your must know: This objective does not obstruct in any way your personal make-up art and as soon as you know your tricks have lots of shades, shadows and textures to play with!
Let me know if you liked my post and if you found it informative.

[S]  Best my ladies!


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