How to Add Lasting Volume To Your Hair Without Teasing – Tips

I never, ever tease my hair! I generally straighten it, and add volume to the roots… I found a method not to use the hair curlers every time I need to add volume to my hair.  Having straight hair and with heavy tendency, I often get flat hair when I woke up. Never have the time to add volume, I sometimes prefer getting it into a pony tail and take care of my other beauty routine to gain some time. Besides, I hate curlers to sleep in with…

Yesterday I got this kinda risky idea that proved to be great for me! I went to a great saloon and got a semi perm curling and a a haircut after. So the volume part was done, let’s “get straight”! :)I now just have to wash my hair, use a little bit of a hair straightening, or any of my fav styling product and blow dry my hair using a round brush and of course, a hair dryer. The tip is to dry it only from up to down and to keep the dryer next to the strand above the brush, not over (pulling the strand away from the hair). The brush will not come down easy having on the semi curls, but that is a great thing because it reduces the time spent to straighten one strand. I’m used to blow dry straighten hair for a long time but it didn’t took me much time improve my dexterity.

I said risky because there was a chance to get a bad perm which is worse than a flat hair, ofc!!! But I got a great perm, I can wear it both ways! I just straightened it and with a fresh perm, blow drying straightening was done in 20 minutes, it’s just clear using a flat iron it would take 15 or less. :)

Kellie Pickler Blonde

TIPS:Dry your hair edges before beginning to straighten. Never allow your stylist to straighten your hair wet, because it suffers and brakes. Be gentle with your hair!

Let me know if you have other questions <3

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  1. Update* TIP:I now use a hair volumizing device to create a negligent like look (the look presented in the first photo).

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