Safe & Unsafe Skin Dark Spot Removers Ingredients for a Brighter, Lighter Skin Complexion!

A quality dark spots remover should have the ability to promote skin clarity and improve skin’s overall texture. The premier skin lightening products include qualiClinique Clinical Dark Spot Correctorty ingredients that have the ability to lighten skin tone, reduce freckles, sun spots and liver spots, while promoting brighter and more radiant skin.

You shoul look for  the unsafe substances, and choose the natural ingredients that are gentle and effective. So, let’s look a little closer at skin whitening products’s on the ingredients list to find out why it’s so important to choose creams formulated with all-natural ingredients that are safe and effective, such as:

Gigawhite: Derived from botanicals, this all-natural complex has been shown to noticeably brighten skin with regular application. An in-vivo study also proved that using Gigawhite on a regular basis caused age spots to fade and shrink.
Biowhite: Like Gigawhite, Biowhite is made from botanical extracts specially chosen for their skin whitening effects. These non-damaging and non-toxic ingredients – which include extracts of mulberry, saxifraga, and grape – have been shown through in-vivo tests to reduce skin pigmentation and boost luminosity.
Sepiwhite: Sepiwhite is a molecule that works by “antagonizing” alpha-MSH and inhibiting tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is the essential enzyme in the formation of melanin by converting DOPA to DOPAquinone. Therefore, reducing its activity is a principal method of improving skin tone.
Alpha Arbutin: Alpha Arbutin is a biosynthetic ingredient that blocks epidermal melanin biosynthesis by inhibiting enzymatic oxidation of Tyrosine and Dopa thereby reducing production of melanin or skin pigment.
Hyaluronic acid: This potent moisturizer found in the body won’t lighten skin, but it’s plumping, toning, and smoothing effects make it an ingredient you should look for when you’re shopping for a skin lightening product. Hyaluronic acid will help keep lily-white skin looking youthful and flawless.

Unsafe substances:

Anyone considering skin bleaching should be aware that some substances found in these types of products are associated with serious risks and side effects. Three ingredients in particular that should be avoided are hydroquinone, kojic acid and mercury. According to Dr. Bill Lloyd, M.D., a world renown doctor contributing expert on a variety of healthcare issues, “Hydroquinone has been on the cancer watch list for decades, both because of animal studies (rats given tons of hydroquinone to ingest) and retrospective health surveys that compared cancer risks by occupation/environmental exposure.” Over-the-counter hydroquinone products are banned in several countries, and those sold in the U.S. can contain only small concentrations of the substance. Kojic acid can be extremely irritating causing redness, itchiness, inflammation and tenderness. Skin can become sensitized with increased use. Products containing kojic acid should not be used with other skincare products containing salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid or retinol because the incidence and severity of adverse effects will be increased. Mercury, another ingredient found in some skin whitening products, can irritate the skin and damage the nervous system, brain, and kidneys. It also poses serious risks to unborn children. So, be aware!

I’m sure your bath is full of liquids, creams, and powders as well as mine, but  with all creams and lotions it is important to follow the directions for use to get maximal results.  Once you’ve decided to buy a bleaching product, you mustn’t loose faith before taking all the steps (and time) they require to make it effective.

Nothing good comes easy and if you don’t put your faith in it!


3 Thoughts on “Safe & Unsafe Skin Dark Spot Removers Ingredients for a Brighter, Lighter Skin Complexion!

  1. Fantastic article! I have been looking at a number of skin lightening products to remove some old scars and such, and its been a challenge. I have tried some that were definitely too harsh and some that just did nothing- its nice to have this list to go through and compare the products I am looking at to. I like using natural and organic products on my face especially, but sometimes it can be challenging to know exactly what natural is and what those ingredients really are!

  2. Yes this is a good article but can you just tell us a list of actual products that are out with natural ingredients vs. listing natural ingredients. Is the clinique shown in the picture a good one? Thanks

  3. Judith Stone on September 2, 2011 at 11:34 am said:

    I don’t want to lighten my skin color, just lighten the age/sun spots. Will any product serve that purpose?
    Thank you for your help.

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