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Celebrity Bodies: What is the perfect body type?

the perfect body

Cosmetic Surgery clinic MYA asked 1000 men and women what their perception of the perfect body looks like. They were also asked to vote on the most attractive facial features from a range of celebrities. The study showed that the classic hourglass shape and the V-shaped muscular build are as popular as ever, as well as full lips, wide-eyes and an attractive visible bone structure.

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Blonde Vs Brunette: Go gradually blonde  with Olivia Palermo


This summer we’ve learned that the absolutely gorgeous fashionista Olivia Palermo is now blonde. One of the hottest ex brunettes of the Vogue magazine is teaching a huge lesson to all the ladies. She made a major change, and she did it so gradually, that she can now be named the Guru of becoming blonde.    In case you want some light in your life and you want to look good in those Treasure Island wedding photos of your cousin’s ceremony, you need to think about a change. And if you’re thinking about starting the change in your life with your hair color, here’s something you must consider. 

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Eyebrow Pencil Tutorial by Lancôme Makeup Artist Kendra Richards

Lancôme Makeup Artist Kendra Richards

Photo: by Lancôme – Makeup Artist Kendra Richards


Learn How to Apply Eyebrow Pencil in This Tutorial from Lancôme Makeup Artist Kendra Richards! Turn sparse, barely-there brows into ones that appear fabulously full, in just five quick steps using !

This dual-ended brow pencil and brush shape, shade and groom for a perfectly polished look every time. The silky-soft, long-wearing formula of this all-in-one-essential is easy to apply and smoothes on blendable color that always looks natural.

Lancome brow tutorial

Step 1: LineLe Crayon Poudre

Using Le Crayon Podre in Burner draw a straight line at the roots of the brow, connecting the inner portion of the brow to the brow arch.

Step2: Tail
Fill the tail end brow and extend as needed.

Step 3: Fill In

Using short light strokers, fill in any sparse areas within the brow.

Step 4: Blend
Brush out and blend the product using the spoolie end of the penvil.

Step 5: Clean Up
Create a clean sharp brow using Le corrector Pro and blend the product with a brush. This will clean any stray hairs or imperfections and add brightness to the brow bone.

Kate Middleton’s Famous “Half Up Hairstyle” : Hair Tutorial

Kate_middleton_hairstyle_half_upKate Middleton’s famous half up hairstyle! The Royal hairstyle it’s suitable for any hair/ face shape type! There are just 7 simple steps to follow and your hair will look like this!

The great thing about it is that it can work on many hair types, lengths, and styles. You can keep it straight, or try it with curly hair. However you do it, I hope you give this Kate Middleton hair tutorial a try. Enjoy having princess hair for a day!
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Summer on LORAC Cosmetics: Limited Edition Blushing Beauty Collection!

LORAC Cosmetics Blushing Beauty Collection
LORAC Cosmetics  launches the 7-piece set gives your eyes, cheeks and lips a rosy glow that lasts! And lasts and lasts… If you’re looking for a summertime look that speaks youth and radiance onpt for the new Lorac Cosmetics  Limited Edition Blushing Beauty Collection!

The LORAC Blushing Beauty Collection retails for $36 and is available for purchase at select Kohl’s as well as online at As a reminder, this set is Limited Edition!

Included in the Limited-Edition Set:
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Photo VH1’s “Hit The Floor” Hair Style How To Tips

Devil Girls

VH1’s Hit the Floor is a television series that follows Ahsha Hayes (Taylour Paige) who joins the NBA cheerleading/dance team called the Los Angeles Devil Girls. 

Hair styling by Paula Ashby, Department Head, Hit the Floor Season 2. Hair Color by: Pasquale Caselle, International Creative Director for IT&LY Hairfashion, N.A.

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Summer Makeup Essentials @ Beauty Beauty, Style and Celebrity Gossip!

With the rising temperatures it’s tricky to keep your makeup fresh. Waterproof mascara, eye liner and eye shadows can help. Do you switch to waterproof mascara for the summer or not? Have a gorgeous tan without the sun damage. Check out latest skin care suggestions!What are your favorite summer time bronzers? Join in on the discussions also on Beauty Hobby Facebook Page!

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Ian Somerhalder & Ana Beatriz Barros Hot Photos in Italy with Azzaro Perfume

Here’s Ian Somerhalder  in the commercial for Azzaro Pour Homme showing off his smokin’ good looks!

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Marc Jacobs and Carine Roitfeld Interviews From the October issue of Allure

The October Best of Beauty issue of Allure features interviews with two of fashions biggest names, Marc Jacobs and Carine Roitfeld! Carine Roitfeld embodies raw French sexiness—and inspires legions of groupies.

She reveals her style commandments on on page 128 of the 25/09/2012 issue ! And Marc Jacob’s reveals his list of ’10 Things Every Women Should Have,’ which include a night at a broadway show, and a copy of The Great Gatsby. Here are my favorite quotes of both interviews with Roitfeld and Jacobs:
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Makeup Tips fom MAC Artists: Base and Facial Lift Shaping

Beautiful makeup basics begin with skin and shape. Check out these tips from our Online Artists to create beautiful skin, and makeup that flatters:

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Triplets For A Spoof Video

Jennifer Aniston is the face of the high-brow agua, Smartwater and in a newly released viral clip for the product pokes fun at her frequent placement in celebrity tabloids.

Secrets are revealed by the Faux security footage from inside Jen’s home. Aired on a fake magazine show hosted by Seacrest, depicted a number of wacky scenarios in the commercial, the actress seems to love every spoofy moment (watch below).  Images show  Aniston, actually engaged to actor and writer Justin Therox,

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Get The Look: S/S 2013 Runway Hair – Sleek and Smooth Style

From Altuzurra, to Herve Leger & Alexander Wang – sleek and smooth was the way to go for the Spring/Summer 2013 runway shows. Lucky for us, there could not be a simpler look to achieve! You can get the look right at home.

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NYFW Spring 2013: The Hair from NONOO

Friday morning, Misha Nonoo presented her Spring 2013 collection at MILK Studios.

To coincide with the collection, key hairstylist Marcos Diaz of ION Studio for Davines designed a Frida Kahlo-esque look that was soft, pretty, and feminine. To achieve this, Diaz incorporated bright colored and floral-patterned pieces of fabric by weaving it into the hair.

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The Latest Fashion Tips Which Will Turn Your Life Around

Whether you are looking to change your look completely, or you want to enhance your existing style, we have the perfect tips that will turn your life around. Everyone has their own original and unique sense of style and this can often change as we grow older. Here are some top tips that will update your look in an instant:

Re-inventing your look

If you rarely ever change or update your look, it might be wise to take a look at your existing wardrobe and decide if your clothing is suitable for your shape and height. When it comes to fashion it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and wear the same items over and over again. Trying on all your items of clothing in front of a mirror is a great way to analyze if they still suit you the way they did a couple of years ago!

De-cluttering your make up

When choosing what make up is suitable for your skin it is easy to buy the wrong shades or keep old make up with the thought that you might use it one day. If you aren’t happy with your existing look it’s wise to change the products that you use and get advice from an expert image consultant. By doing this, you will feel more confident in the way you look, which will improve the way you feel as a result.

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MAC Styleseeker Collection Preview

MAC Styleseeker Collection is now available online! Fall colour surfaces in a vivid colour collection influenced by the spirit and style of a global wanderer. 





















She has a knack for juxtaposing vintage, ethnic, flea market and avant-garde into stunning original looks, inspiring a world of wanderlust as eclectic and fashionable as she is.
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Too Faced Contest: WIN Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System

From today through July 27, you can visit and submit a review of a Too Faced product, from fun shadow kits to creamy lip colors – anything you’ve tried and tested!

continue reading…

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Go Nude this Summer 2012: The Hot Makeup Trend

Today BeautyHobbyreveals  Nude Makeup Trend  for 2012 by  Brenda Lyttle beauty expert  for Ultimate Cosmetics. Enjoy reading Brenda’s tips below:


Here’s  my favorite  Nude Makeup Look .

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How To Choose Proper Tools for your Beads Work Design

Before you start working with beads you should make sure that you have all of the tools that you are going to need. There will be many tools that can make your time beading more enjoyable and easier as well. Take a few moments to consider the following beading tools and make a list so that you know to pick them up the next time that you head out.   It will be very important for you to purchase chain nose pliers. These will have flat jaws on them and they will also come to a point at the end. When you shop for these pliers you may see that you can purchase cheap ones or expensive ones. You may also find that you can purchase ergonomical pliers. These will be the best way to go because you will be using them a lot and they are going to be in your hands all of the time. You do not want your hands to become sore. Read More →

Review Completed: No Lip Wrinkles! Revealing My Secret Lip Plumper Without Surgery + Tips

I’ve completed the lip plumping program and now I can have it 3 times bigger in no time! The final stage called “Beautiful lips  is over:  My lips are fuller and look more defined. I never wanted big, bold lips, but as I said that is not a trick for me anymore! So this is the part II of my review.  Below you’ll see how I look with plumped lips, beyond my comfort level, but allow me to reveal  my secret first: After years of thinking having perfect lips is just a dream , being afraid that surgery can bring more lips that my face will accept in normal proportions I now own the secret of beautiful lips and doing it in my own time, my desired dimensions and no pain and expenses.  Of course, I’m talking about the pump and glosses I’ve reviewed for you and even giveaway in a contest! If you have the pump, you are in the right place to read all about my experience with it and even get some of my tips. If you don’t have one yet you might get the desire to buy one ( my links for you are included in the review post).  After using it for some while (even though I must admit I didn’t use it twice a day more than one time) , I can accomplish huge lips every time I use it without any bruises or redness on my lips. I haven’t ever got any defined contour line, but now it looks better than ever did. I certainly can apply lipstick better! Read More →

Skin Care Giveaway : RoC Retinol Correxion MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System

RoC Retinol Correxion  MAX Wrinkle  Resurfacing System, proven to be very  effective for my wrinkles as you can see in my review+photos,  is now TO WIN for US readers ( product is only available in US) !!!


What’s for: This lightweight moisturizer combines RoC  RETINOL with an E-PULSE Technology Resurfacing Serum to function as one powerful unit for maximum results.  Together, this blend stimulates the skin’s natural process to provide beautiful, younger-looking, velvety smooth skin.

In clinical testing, dermatologists also observed significant improvements in the appearance of:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Cheek wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Overall skin appearance
  • Sun damage

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