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Celebrity Bodies: What is the perfect body type?

the perfect body

Cosmetic Surgery clinic MYA asked 1000 men and women what their perception of the perfect body looks like. They were also asked to vote on the most attractive facial features from a range of celebrities. The study showed that the classic hourglass shape and the V-shaped muscular build are as popular as ever, as well as full lips, wide-eyes and an attractive visible bone structure.

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Review Completed: No Lip Wrinkles! Revealing My Secret Lip Plumper Without Surgery + Tips

I’ve completed the lip plumping program and now I can have it 3 times bigger in no time! The final stage called “Beautiful lips  is over:  My lips are fuller and look more defined. I never wanted big, bold lips, but as I said that is not a trick for me anymore! So this is the part II of my review.  Below you’ll see how I look with plumped lips, beyond my comfort level, but allow me to reveal  my secret first: After years of thinking having perfect lips is just a dream , being afraid that surgery can bring more lips that my face will accept in normal proportions I now own the secret of beautiful lips and doing it in my own time, my desired dimensions and no pain and expenses.  Of course, I’m talking about the pump and glosses I’ve reviewed for you and even giveaway in a contest! If you have the pump, you are in the right place to read all about my experience with it and even get some of my tips. If you don’t have one yet you might get the desire to buy one ( my links for you are included in the review post).  After using it for some while (even though I must admit I didn’t use it twice a day more than one time) , I can accomplish huge lips every time I use it without any bruises or redness on my lips. I haven’t ever got any defined contour line, but now it looks better than ever did. I certainly can apply lipstick better! Read More →

Cosmetics Giveaway: Lip Plumping Shop De Luxe Edition Sets


GIVEAWAY!  Together with Lip Plumping Shop we’ll be glad to select two lucky  winners to win the kit on This is a Worldwide giveaway for our readers!

The Prize: 2x De Luxe Edition Sets, they include 30ml Ultra Desire Gloss EXTREME and a Lip Plumping Device in pink, black or white each.

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Lip Plumping Shop Pump + Original & Extreme Glosses – Review + Photos +Giveaway


As you know from my preview post, I recently received  a kit from ‘Diamond Series’ by the Lip Plumping Shop. My kit includes:  Ultra Lip Desire Original Lip Gloss (30ml) , one Ultra Lip Desire Extreme Lip Gloss (30ml)  and the Lip Plumping device itself – the pump. The Lip Plumping Shop pump produces plumping  results as it draws fluid into the lips through a user-controlled vacuum pump. I will tell you all about my experience with this innovative lip plumping kit, give you the chance to win it,  but first, I invite you to read their presentation for each product:

Lip Plumping Device
Thie Lip Plumping Shop Pump generates an adequate amount of vacuum based suction to create Full Lips, without any pain. It is also the only lip pump is the world that has a pressure release valve to enable users to release the suction easily and to control the amount of lip plumping required. The lip plumping device does not require any batteries because it is a manual, hand held pump. The pump is very easy to use and it works in just a few minutes. The results typically last around 8 – 12 hours per day.

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Lip Plumping Shop Presents Revolutionary Device – Preview Post

The Lip Plumping Shop is is an Australian brand that offers specialized in lip plumping products . I will give a preview of the products and answers to the frequent asked questions  below. No need to say,  I’ m currently testing the 2 great products:  revolutionary Lip Plumping Device and The Ultra Lip Desire Plumping Gloss and my reviews will go live next.

About the brand:

Lip Plumping Shop is an Australian owned and operated company and over the past 5 years we have helped thousands of satisfied customers worldwide to achieve Plumper, Fuller Lips through the use of our Natural Lip Plumping products. We recently appointed an International Marketing Manager to undertake the publicity launch of our Lip Plumping Products, in an attempt to increase our Do Your Lip

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Celebs Love Botox -Plastic Surgery Trends In 2012!?

The two most popular forms of plastic surgery in 2011 seem to have been Botox and Breast Enhancement. Much like any other aspect of fashion and beauty, plastic surgery is something that moves in trends of popularity, with certain types of procedures used more commonly at times than others. This is an interesting concept to people who may be considering certain procedures, as it can be worth looking into which procedures are common at a given time.  However, for information on trends, you may need to do a bit more poking around.

Celebs hwo had plastic surgery

In fact, in many cases, mere observation of celebrity surgeries can be a very strong indicator of which surgical styles will soon be common among average people. However, here are a few words on what seemed most popular in 2011, as well as what may be on the horizon for plastic surgery in 2012.
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Should Eye Surgery be your Summer Selection?

Summer makeup

Summer’s here which means it’ s time to reach for your over-sized sunglasses, and on the other hand it’s time adapt your makeup. While you might want to tone down your use of foundation and powder to cope better with the heat, summertime is traditionally the season to have fun with colour. It’s a time when nail varnish colours go crazy and experimentation with eye shadow in pop shades is positively encouraged.

For ladies who wear spectacles however, both of these seasonal changes can pose problems. Sunglasses may require expensive prescriptions to make them wearable on a day-to-day basis, or you may be forced to carry both your glasses and shades everywhere you go, making that clutch bag an out of the question selection for a day out shopping.
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The Dr Rita Rakus London Lip Queen Collection – Cosmetics a la Carte + Dr Rakus

 Dr Rita Rakus London Lip Queen Lipsticks

Cosmetics a la Carte announces their collaboration with Dr Rita Rakus named by the media as the ‘London Lip Queen’. Dr Rakus has 15 years of aesthetic experience, providing the highest levels of expertise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation by way of facial line reduction and lip enhancement using injectables.  She has featured in ‘Under the Knife’ (ITV), ‘Plastic Fantastic’ (BBC), ‘Lunch-Hour Facelift’ (C4), ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ (ITV) and is regularly mentioned in magazine articles and revered by cosmetics procedure experts such as Wendy Lewis.

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How to decide if we should go under the knife

Have you ever thought about getting cosmetic surgery before? It seems like everyone has at some time, even in private. It definitely can be a big step, as popular procedures like breast augmentation and nose reshaping require a lot of care and can take weeks to heal, but doctors are hard at work to make other popular procedures like liposuction safer, quicker, and more accessible every year.

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Virtual Plastic Surgery & Hairstyles Software Review

Have you ever wondered what you would look like after cosmetic surgery? Ever wonder what a tummy tuck, nose job, facelift or a breast enlargement or reduction would do to your appearance? Would you like to see what the results could be without going under the knife? to do it? If you answered ? A potential answer to any of these questions, is MyBodyPart makeover software.
We all know that plastic surgery is a major life decision and so many people would like to see what they could look like before making the decision to go ahead and have surgery done. has created a way for both men and women to see what they would look like after various cosmetic surgeries produces and it is available for free! :) All you have to do is download the free makeover software and begin your individual transformation, right in the privacy of your own home. You can give yourself a virtual plastic surgery makeover at your convenience. Then you’re just a few clicks away from virtually revamping your entire body. Test out different hairstyles, facial implants, breast sizes and have fun reinventing yourself.

In addition to this feature, the site offers a photo rating section where you can upload your photo and have people rate you. After downloading the software, you can make the changes you wish and upload your picture to our site.
In continuing with the plastic surgery decisions, once you have had the chance to virtually revamp your body and you’ve seen how great you can look after making a few small changes, you might be ready to meet with a plastic surgeon that can make your new look a reality.

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Latest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Madonna Cosmetic Surgery Facelift  Makemeheal

I am impressed by the significant changes in plastic surgery expected this year!!! So impressed that you’ll probably read about my personal experiences soon… It’s been a while since I’ve written about my weight status. I’ve lost allot of weight, I struggled with my face contour reshape and now after reading about all this cosmetic surgery improvements I’m thinking about a breast augmentation and who knows? Maybe a G-Spot Amplification!? :)) Anyway, I’ll have my boobs done after I give birth to my first child (hopefully soon)…:D
Studies show the demand for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery predicted to Grow in 2008. Because apart from the desire to look younger, the increasing trend towards plastic surgery is also being driven by the “quick, relatively painless procedures” now available:

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Cosmetic surgery alternative: How to make peace with your look

WhFeeling good about the way you looky do some people go under the knife? People I know to seek out cosmetic surgery generally have a positive self-image, despite being unusually focused on one or more aspects of their appearance. In fact, some even feel better about their overall appearance than do people who aren’t interested in cosmetic surgery.But is that the only method to improve your psychological well-being? I assisted to some of my friends excitement before the surgery, but none really talked to me about their fears and alternatives. I have to agree their surgeries had great results, but I can’t help thinking it could’ve been otherwise. What about then?

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What Are The Real Tummy Tuck Costs?

Tummy Tuck

When dieting and exercising fail to address the layers of fat that reside in the lower abdominal region, maybe it’s time to turn to cosmetic surgery and the tummy tuck is usually first in line.You might consider it, but do you know what is all about?

What about the total price for your perfect tummy? I thought there are alot of possibilities to chose from until you decide and other costs to consider, that’s why I’ve done some research for you!

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Lip Augumentation Permanent Results

Tattoo and Lispstick Before Surgery Today Sandra was scheduled for lip augmentation. Her upper lip was very thin and in the past years her desire of having thicker lips was became an obsession. She even get a tattoo two years ago in the natural color of the lip to create this visual effect. I think this desire is related to the fact that she’s a dentist .Of course, she has beautiful teeth…Why not a perfect mouth?
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