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The Truth About Coffee: Good or Harm for your Body

As you already know I’m 9 weeks pregnant, so I read allot about what can harm my body and my baby. As I dropped the smoking habit for some while, I didn’t stopped drinking coffee completely just because it slows my digestion very much. I’ve limited my intake to half regular cup each morning.Studies show that drinking coffee while you are pregnant may harm you baby. It is associated with low birth weight baby. I personally think if  drinking a coffee (just) one zip daily makes a difference for you, it’s gonna harm your baby.
But, for our body generally, with so many studies out there about coffee, it’s hard to remember whether our morning cup of Joe does the body any good — or harm.

On The Early Show Monday, Dr. Holly Phillips of CBS station WCBS-TV in New York went through some commonly-circulated beliefs about the health effects of one of the nation’s most popular beverages. Read More →

What Should I Do To Stop Eating Chocolate?

Summer is upon us once again and the best part is I managed to get in my favorite pair of summer jeans. I’m very, very pleased :)
I realize that having my own healthy way of life brought me more energy and lots of satisfactions. You guessed …there’s a “but” … BUT I love Chocolate! Hmmm… I wish Chocolate wouldn’t be an addiction, but now is too late… I have Eating Chocolate Rituals, need I say more? :)
So far I’ve resisted chocolate temptation thinking I’m on a diet or indulging myself with a tiny piece every day. But I still don’t know when I will consider this goal accomplished. I asked myself what should I do to to get sick of chocolate and… hear me out! I came up with a new trick. :)

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Loose Weight & Get In Shape Before Valentine’s Day

Weight loss

Just about everyone looks forward to a new year because it gives us a fresh start. As I said last Monday, there are some steps I always take to get in shape after the holidays. If you’ve overindulge yourself this holiday season, follow these steps to burn those holiday pounds just in time for Valentines Day. While these tips may seem small, they will make all the difference in the world. Added together these little tips will have big impact on your body shape and your general health.
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Brain Fitness: Improve your Brain’s Health!

Brain food

Today I was going to share with you the steps I always take to get in shape after holiday season, but I’ve changed my mind. Of curse, getting in shape tops many of your New Year’s resolution lists, but we must boost our brain health, too. And fortunately there is a lot we can do to keep our brains healthy, make it work to its full potential and potentially prevent or lessen the cognitive decline that often comes with aging. Is there a diet for brain’s health? The Alliance for Aging Research encourages people exercise to improve brain health as part of their overall fitness regimen for the New Year.

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Low calorie cocktails


If you’re as used to keep track of calories as I am, you shouldn’t let holiday cheer make you forget the content of cocktails.We all see cocktails like a glamorous and tasty alternative to beer and the typically mediocre wine sold in most bars. For those who exercise regularly and are in reasonably good physical shape, drinking a few Screwdrivers on Saturday night won’t be a big deal. But for anyone trying to shed a few pounds, any decent nutritionist would argue that alcohol and weight loss mix like whiskey and grapefruit juice.

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The Boddy Mass Index for your Healthy Weight

Healthatoz BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index calculators are allover the internet. I’ve heard that healthy weight ranges changed lately because the mortality rate increased at certain ages in the unhealthy food context and come up with two interesting calculators:

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New Diet Cookie From Vitamark-The Appetizer Diet

Diet Cookie From Vitamark

Eating a diet cookie for breakfast almost feels like cheating on the diet! The Appetizer Diet from Vitamark provides all the nutritional support, energy and fullness of traditional ‘sports bars’ with the added benefit of more fiber.

Ok, I know what you are thinking…Not another Diet…Oh My God!Well, it could be called a diet I guess, taste like something Grandma makes…only its nutritious…fills one up…and kick starts the day in a healthy nutritious way.
All natural ingredients are used in the Diet Cookie right down to pure organic sugar. Nothing unhealthy in this diet cookie, one must taste it to believe.
This diet is much effective than cereal and much tastier as well.Eating a few of these cookies for a couple of weeks, you are going to be absolutely amazed at your weight loss results!

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