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Odacite The Green Tea + Lemongrass Serum Concentrate – Skin radiance on your wedding day!

Odacite pure elements

Women always want to look beautiful, but if there is one day in their life when they want to be the most beautiful it’s their wedding day! Preparation and stress, however, can often wreak havoc on the  bride-to-be’s skin, with dullness being one of the top .concerns. When it comes to radiance, Odacité’s Green Tea + Lemongrass Serum Concentrate comes a close second to the blushing bride.
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Skin Care Giveaway : RoC Retinol Correxion MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System

RoC Retinol Correxion  MAX Wrinkle  Resurfacing System, proven to be very  effective for my wrinkles as you can see in my review+photos,  is now TO WIN for US readers ( product is only available in US) !!!


What’s for: This lightweight moisturizer combines RoC  RETINOL with an E-PULSE Technology Resurfacing Serum to function as one powerful unit for maximum results.  Together, this blend stimulates the skin’s natural process to provide beautiful, younger-looking, velvety smooth skin.

In clinical testing, dermatologists also observed significant improvements in the appearance of:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Cheek wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Overall skin appearance
  • Sun damage

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Online Medicines Prescriptions: How to Stay Healthy with Ease

We all lead busy lives in one way or another, meaning that it often gets tough to keep on top of things. This is particularly true of situations that don’t usually crop up – illness, for example.Whether you’re at home looking after the kids, in the office getting on with your job or even traveling around the country, you can’t let things slow you down – even if you can’t make it to the chemist to get what you need.

However, with the wonders of the internet, you may only need a couple of minutes of spare time on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to get what the doctor’s ordered. Online prescriptions are becoming the in-thing now; while drugs and treatments were once the bastion of a high street pharmacy counter, they’re now delivered to your door.

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RoC Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System: Review+ Photos+ Ingredients

The RoC Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System came in the mail for me to review. As you might noticed in my pics (on fb page etc), since I gave birth to Sarah  I don’t look like a fresh apple anymore. My skin  is showing some signs of aging, which is something I can accept and might be a challenge to work on, having the chance to discover and try lots of skin care products.  This wrinkle treatment is recommended for wrinkled, sun damaged skin and it supposed to smooth the  fine lines  up to 4 times better than a leading dermatologist procedure to boosts your skins radiance. Like  all ladies over 30 I was excited to achieve all this using a home wrinkle treatment. So, I gave it a try.

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How to Treat Acne: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Dual Action

Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Dual Action

One third of acne sufferers continue to search for alternative and new acne treatments on the internet. Luckily, La Roche-Posay offers Effaclar Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment a product clinically proven to reduce the number of inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions, comparable to the leading prescription treatment.  Actual results Here!
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Q: What Beauty Hobby Are You? Do you use Argyle Green Powder Clay?

WBH: What BeautyHobby are you? ANSWER: I sometimes take  Argyle Powder Clay 16 days cures internally and externally and it works great for me! Green clay helps to draw toxins from the skin/intestines  and can calm inflammations.


List of All Drugs & Herbs that Decrease or Cancel Birth Control Pills

Tutsan tea or grapefruit juice really affects birth control? You know what antibiotics will stop your contraception? All women must know that missing up to 10 pills in a row (7 placebo pills and the 1st 3 pills of a pill pack) does not result in ovulation! You must be aware though, of what you are putting into or onto your body, whether it be teas, juices, throat lozenges, tablets, or  even cosmetics.

retro Car sexy KissThe main idea to keep in mind is that long term medications that are suspected of inducing liver enzymes to a large extent should be treated as if they may require higher oral contraceptive doses.

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How to Add Lasting Volume To Your Hair Without Teasing – Tips

I never, ever tease my hair! I generally straighten it, and add volume to the roots… I found a method not to use the hair curlers every time I need to add volume to my hair.  Having straight hair and with heavy tendency, I often get flat hair when I woke up. Never have the time to add volume, I sometimes prefer getting it into a pony tail and take care of my other beauty routine to gain some time. Besides, I hate curlers to sleep in with…

Yesterday I got this kinda risky idea that proved to be great for me! I went to a great saloon and got a semi perm curling and a a haircut after. So the volume part was done, let’s “get straight”! :) Read More →

Body Detox On Your Holiday Menus: Expert Tips from Celebrity Nutritionist

Eating right isn’t about dieting and restriction, but feeding your body the beauty-boosting foods it needs instead. Celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder, shares her knowledge with us: “Even on holidays when seasonal indulgences may seem tempting you can still enjoy the comfort foods you crave without depleting the body of Beauty Detox nutrients, with healthy modifications to holidayfavorites.”

winter beautywinter healthy food

Read on for Kim’s easy-to-follow holiday health tips:

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SAFE Cosmetics During Pregnacy- UNSAFE Ingredients, Hair & Body Procedures to Avoid

healthy pregnancy Our maternal instincts often kick in almost immediately and we become aware of so many things than make us happy and can harm our babies. this is the reason we need to know as many things as possible about safety during pregnancy. “Because some topical ingredients get absorbed into the bloodstream, there are some you want to avoid,” adds Leslie Baumann, a professor of dermatology at the University of Miami and author of The Skin Type Solution (Bantam, 2006).

 Safe Cosmetics pregnancy

Below is The List Of Most of the Safe and Unsafe products/ Treatments to use and not use during pregnancy! If you plan to breastfeed, continue following the guidelines noted below until you stop nursing!

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Current Makeup & Eyelash Care Testers for Reviews

Most of my current makeup testers did some serious waiting time. :) The most recent I got is the Maximum Lash Eyelash Conditioner (a 6 weeks tester for best results). Product from the waiting list like NYX Long Pencil Eye or…
Makeup Review
The High Definition Color Collection by Avon Cosmetics,one special MAC (matte) Paint Pot and Softsparkle Eypencil Crayon also by MAC. Here’s the detailed list:

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Skincare, Anti-Aging Cosmetics and Hairgel I’m Currently Testing

Hello dears! I’ve clustered most of the products I’m currently testing for review: skincare and makeup. Photo here includes skincare from Chanel, Sustainable Youth, Skincode Swiss, Garnier, MAC Cosmetics, Elemis and Scruples hairgel:

Skincare Products Reviews

Here is the list of  my waiting for reviews skincare products:

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Maximum Lash Eyelash Conditioner

Maximum Lash Conditioner

For those intent on keeping their extensions, Maximum Lash is an eyelash conditioner serum that promise to boost the strength of natural lashes so there will be less damage and lash loss:

High-Performance Formula Helps Natural Lashes Appear Healthier, Longer and Stronger. Maximum Lash, a powerful new tool in today’s beauty arsenal, will strengthen, fortify and enhance natural lashes to reach their maximum potential for beauty.  This high performance formula eliminates the need for false eyelashes with toxic glues, extensions or irritating fibers.  Similar looking results can be achieved within four to six weeks with daily use of Maximum Lash.

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How To Choose An Eyleash Conditioner – 18 Answers from Maximum Lash

Eyelash Conditioner

From your eyelash conditioner you should expect to see that they look healthier and stronger. An eyelash conditioner is a hair conditioner for the eyelashes. Sun, mascara and lack of vitamins and minerals can damage your eyelashes and it’s a good thing eyelashes exist on the market. Distributed by International Cosmetic Associates, Maximum Lash is presented as eyelash conditioner that makes lashes look fuller, thicker and stronger with just one daily application. Why? Here are most frequently asked questions on an eyelash conditioner, answered by Maximum Lash developers:
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Product Launch: iQ Derma SmartLash Newest Evolution in Lash and Brow Enhancement

iQ Derma SmartLash

iQ Derma ntroduces SmartLash, as the newest evolution in lash and brow enhancement. iQ Derma utilizes VisiLash Technology to create a gentle product that produces serious results.  SmartLash claim to increase the appearance of lashes and brows without the use of hormones or Prostaglandin!

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The Dr Rita Rakus London Lip Queen Collection – Cosmetics a la Carte + Dr Rakus

 Dr Rita Rakus London Lip Queen Lipsticks

Cosmetics a la Carte announces their collaboration with Dr Rita Rakus named by the media as the ‘London Lip Queen’. Dr Rakus has 15 years of aesthetic experience, providing the highest levels of expertise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation by way of facial line reduction and lip enhancement using injectables.  She has featured in ‘Under the Knife’ (ITV), ‘Plastic Fantastic’ (BBC), ‘Lunch-Hour Facelift’ (C4), ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ (ITV) and is regularly mentioned in magazine articles and revered by cosmetics procedure experts such as Wendy Lewis.

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Chanel Precision Programme Anti-Taches Mask Review

Chanel Precision anti taches mask

Having been very pleased with Chanel Precision skincare products, I’ve tried Precision Programme anti-taches mask, I went out and purchased this anti-dark spots unifying mask a couple months ago. I’ve been testing the product for a while now, and am happy to report that my skin is loving it. All the pigmented spots from the sun or acne marks are vanished! You’ll stunned by the immediate effect after using the first dose.Each monodose (there are 8 x4,4ml in the package) contains the amount you need for a single application in a thick layer.

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How To Have A Fabulous Skin On Holidays: Masks and Creams Recipes

One of the best ways to improve the condition of your face is to use a combination of masks and creams to rejuvenate the skin, restoring moisture that has been lost.

When it comes to selecting masks and creams, you will really want to take into account the type of skin you have, so you can be sure that the mask and cream you choose matches your exact needs.

Often, the types of masks and creams you will run into include ones for dry skin, irritated skin, oily skin, regular skin, combination skin, or acne prone skin. By selecting one that matches your current skin condition, you will ensure that it provides the greatest improvement to you.

Here are some masks and creams that you can make to use when you are really in the mood to pamper yourself. Especially on holiday season, when every women wants to look her best…

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The Non-Smoker: The Quit Smoking Method that Really Works on Anyone

Smoking takes your glam away :))

The fifth try was my Lucky One! Since my forth try, I continued to read about people’s various methods and medical devices and didn’t find one specific method right for me. I came up with my own method though, and Finally, Totally, Stopped Smoking!!! It doesn’t matter when you had your last cigarette. The fact is, you became a proud Non-Smoker just a MINUTE AFTER :)
Reading so much about this topic since my last try, I came to the conclusion that learning about other people’s motivations wasn’t enough. So I came up with a plan. Here are the most important steps and my example to guide you. If you’re reading to forget about the addiction and battle the cravings, I’ve saved the best for last! I’m sure you’ll love some of my tips… ;)
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How To Make Your Thinning Hair Look Its Best This Summer

Summer will soon be upon us once again. This is the time when people want to show off the results of their winter workouts. Bronzed tanned bodies with healthy glowing skin can be seen at the beaches, parks and city streets everywhere. Parties and social activities fill up almost every weekend. Pride in one’s overall look takes top priority during the warm summer days and nights and one of the areas of appearance that is highly concentrated on is one’s hair. If your hair in thinning and you are worried about what to do with it, I suggest you find out more about XFusion, a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives men and women thicker-looking hair . They offer in a range of eight natural shades to subtly match any hair color and enhance your appearance, to make you feel more confident and ready to tackle the Summer months ahead!

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