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How to Add Lasting Volume To Your Hair Without Teasing – Tips

I never, ever tease my hair! I generally straighten it, and add volume to the roots… I found a method not to use the hair curlers every time I need to add volume to my hair.  Having straight hair and with heavy tendency, I often get flat hair when I woke up. Never have the time to add volume, I sometimes prefer getting it into a pony tail and take care of my other beauty routine to gain some time. Besides, I hate curlers to sleep in with…

Yesterday I got this kinda risky idea that proved to be great for me! I went to a great saloon and got a semi perm curling and a a haircut after. So the volume part was done, let’s “get straight”! :) Read More →

Current Makeup & Eyelash Care Testers for Reviews

Most of my current makeup testers did some serious waiting time. :) The most recent I got is the Maximum Lash Eyelash Conditioner (a 6 weeks tester for best results). Product from the waiting list like NYX Long Pencil Eye or…
Makeup Review
The High Definition Color Collection by Avon Cosmetics,one special MAC (matte) Paint Pot and Softsparkle Eypencil Crayon also by MAC. Here’s the detailed list:

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Maximum Lash Eyelash Conditioner

Maximum Lash Conditioner

For those intent on keeping their extensions, Maximum Lash is an eyelash conditioner serum that promise to boost the strength of natural lashes so there will be less damage and lash loss:

High-Performance Formula Helps Natural Lashes Appear Healthier, Longer and Stronger. Maximum Lash, a powerful new tool in today’s beauty arsenal, will strengthen, fortify and enhance natural lashes to reach their maximum potential for beauty.  This high performance formula eliminates the need for false eyelashes with toxic glues, extensions or irritating fibers.  Similar looking results can be achieved within four to six weeks with daily use of Maximum Lash.

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Product Launch: iQ Derma SmartLash Newest Evolution in Lash and Brow Enhancement

iQ Derma SmartLash

iQ Derma ntroduces SmartLash, as the newest evolution in lash and brow enhancement. iQ Derma utilizes VisiLash Technology to create a gentle product that produces serious results.  SmartLash claim to increase the appearance of lashes and brows without the use of hormones or Prostaglandin!

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How To Make Your Thinning Hair Look Its Best This Summer

Summer will soon be upon us once again. This is the time when people want to show off the results of their winter workouts. Bronzed tanned bodies with healthy glowing skin can be seen at the beaches, parks and city streets everywhere. Parties and social activities fill up almost every weekend. Pride in one’s overall look takes top priority during the warm summer days and nights and one of the areas of appearance that is highly concentrated on is one’s hair. If your hair in thinning and you are worried about what to do with it, I suggest you find out more about XFusion, a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives men and women thicker-looking hair . They offer in a range of eight natural shades to subtly match any hair color and enhance your appearance, to make you feel more confident and ready to tackle the Summer months ahead!

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Doctor Saber: %100 natural olive oil formula for hair loss and dandruff prevention!

Saclarinizi & Flora

We all know Turkish women have beautiful hair.They have very good hairstylist and I admire their work for hours TV- Shows (even thought I don’t understand a word of what they’re saying) :)
Their hair looks impressive because is genetically strong and thick and must also be said that they have a good hair products and natural health industry we must look for.
Doctor Saber is a chemical-free and synthetic-free solution to all your hair problems. By means of natural vitamins, proteins and enzymes in its formula, Doctor Saber both feeds your hair and protects against shed, breaking, and itching of your hair.

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Revivogen Wins Hair Loss Combat!

Men and women have different causes for receding hairline. In men it is caused by factors such as hormonal imbalance and an irritated scalp condition which again is caused by certain factors. In women it is again due to hormonal imbalance or is a hereditary condition. No matter what the causes are, hair loss has the same effects on both the sexes, physically and mentally.After understanding the cause of your hair loss, you can now identify which hair loss treatments will work best on you!
Today, the market is flooded with all types of hair loss prevention products, each of them claiming high success rate. It is difficult to decide which ones you should endorse. brings you a collection of hair loss prevention products which addresses the root cause of loss of hair. Read More →