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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Engaged? She said Yes!


JENNIFER Aniston and  JUSTIN Theroux announced their engagement this time! The pair have been dating for more than a year , after they  were first spotted together in May 2011. Their relationship began in May, when they co-stared to “Wanderlust” (2012).

The actress is set to marry boyfriend Justin Theroux after he proposed on his birthday, People magazine reports. Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” his reporter said.

During an interview on Good Morning America the next month, when asked about her personal life, Aniston couldn’t hide her emotions.

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Oscar Photos : Penelope Cruz At 2012 Oscars – Hair, Makeup & Dress

Penelope Cruz walked the red carpet at the 2012 Oscars wearing a stunning soft blue Giorgio Armani strapless dress stealing the show with this eye dropping 50′s inspired hair style!

Penelope Cruz @ 84th Annual Academy Awards


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2 in 1 TV Show: Wentworth Miller Back in Shape & A New Identity

wentworth miller 2011

Wentworth Miller seems to have gotten it together! Looks like he also traded in a slim waistline and a decent hair cut since my Wentworth Miller FAT Gossip. On the other side , it’s been too long since we’ve seen Wenty’s pretty face… After a long while, we finally get to watch Wentworth on a TV  Show again! Read More →

Blanket Crying on Stage at Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff – Prince, Paris & Blanket Photos

Blanket Crying on Stage at Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff, UK, October 8, 2012.

Blanket crying This picture traveled around the globe: Obviously moved by the event, Blanket didn’t felt good on stage as Prince and Paris, even though they were doing a great job in the honor of their father:
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Cosmetic Brands Celebrities Love: RevitaLash + Photos

Jennifer Love Hewitt declared herself a big fan of RevitaLash.  She was delighted to receive it at the GBK Golden Globe Suite at the London Hotel in Hollywood on the day before the event – “I love RevitaLash,” she commented.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

And, Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew was really excited to receive RevitaLash. She commented, “I Love it, it’s my favorite.”
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Lindsay Lohan is Scared of Being Alone in Jail

Lindsay Lohan: “I can’t be alone in Jail!” She is scared of the idea not because of the other inmates … not because the food is crappy …. but because she cannot stand being alone and thinks jail will push her over the edge.

According to TMZ sources close to Lindsay is climbing the walls because of the prospect of jail because she can’t stand being confined to small spaces, and she can never be alone. More over,
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Hot on Celebs: Paris Hilton’s Single & Sexy Look

Paris Hilton Vegas

Speaking about tanning in my previous post, it reminded me to share with you news and photos on sexy Paris: Single and wild, with ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt out of the picture, Paris Hilton showed off her bikini bod this weekend in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Rehab  pool party.

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Ricky Martin Declared Himself A Gay Man

Ricky Martin & his babies

I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am!

Ricky Martin  a man who dodged questions of his sexuality for years just posted the previous message on his official website.

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Celebrity Scoop: Zoe Saldana – ESSENCE Magazine Cover

Zoe Saldana ESSENCE Cover

Avatar Star, Zoe Saldana is The ESSENCE Magazine’s April Cover Girl. She  leaves no issue under-explored in the latest ESSENCE Magazine, out on stands today. She’s opening up about the everything from relatable pet peeves, to her passion for great sex and indulging her inner-book worm, Jealousy and more.

She garnered tons of attention with her star turn in the Oscar nominated blockbuster “Avatar.” And sure, she’s got a string of hot films coming soon – opposite everyone
from Chris Rock to Idris Elba. But who is Zoe Saldana, really?
“Power can be an amazing tool or a deadly weapon…”–Zoe Saldana

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Wentworth Miller Vs Robert Pattinson Hottie Competition

Gorgeous Miller Pattison

Seems that Robert Pattinson is to become the new Wentworth Miller. Many girls fallen for him at least for the Cedric Diggory part on Harry Poter and The Goblet Of Fire. I personally find Wenty much more attractive, having his sex-appeal sustained by his eyes burning, clever look. More over, I prefer his more fine, nearly feminine traits. I guess his feminine symmetrical face features leaded to the controversy about Wentworth’s sexual orientation. Robert Pattinson on the other with his wild look and rebel attitude streals  some younger hearts in this hottie competition. Or maybe it is to become more of a settle man with time, more George Clooney type. Who knows!?

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Makeup At Oscars 2010 by Paul Herrington. Full List Oscar Nominations

Red Carpet Makeup

The Oscar Ceremony Countdown started. There are 6 hours left and celebrity are getting ready to be glamorous and sparkling at this year’s Oscar Ceremony in Los Angeles.

Paul Herrington is a world famous make-up artist. He’s glamorised some of the most famous Hollywood stars over the last 20 years – and most recently worked with Precious star Gabourey Sidibe for the Baftas. He spoke to the BBC about the highlights and pitfalls of getting A-listers ready for film’s biggest night.
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Latest trends:2 New Colors for National Ltd Malibu Burnout Sweatshirt


I bring to your attention Nation Ltd’s Malibu sweatshirt. Stars like Hilary Duff, Katherine Heigl and Rachel Bilson are huge fans.  They seem to love wearing  lightweight and comfy t shirts everywhere: at the beach(of course), the Avenue or a night out (not for  me or maybe just the black one). I really like them! Wearing a super-soft burnout feels so good on your skin and with Spring right around the corner it is the perfect piece for layering this coming season. We can throw it on over anything for an effortlessly chic look.
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Hair How-To for Alicia Keys at AMA’s. Stylist Tippi Shorter

 Alicia Keys at AMA's

Tippi Shorter, Pantene Celebrity Stylist, styled Alicia Key’s hair last night for the American Music Awards. Alicia dominated the stage, performing her and Jay-Z’s smash hit “Empire State of Mind” while also rocking it solo with her new song “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart.” See attached for Tippi’s personal pictures she took while styling!
Here’s how Tippi gave Alicia her red carpet ‘do:

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Supermodel Suicide: Ruslana Korshunova Jumped Off Balcony

Ruslana Korshunova , well known figure in the modeling world, ended her life this Saturday according to CNN. The 20 years-old supermodel, jumped from her ninth-floor apartment in her Water Street building in Manhatan, New York. Read More →

Amy Whitehouse Faints in front of her Dad

Amy Winehouse, the 24-year-old singer and songwriter who won five Grammy Awards in February and enjoyed commercial success with her album Back to Black, put her touring commitments on hold last year amid reports she had been hospitalized for severe exhaustion. She also entered a rehabilitation clinic in January.

According to Daily Telegraph Winehouse remained in hospital today for more tests after fainting at home yesterday and being rushed to a clinic by her father and her management team.

Spokesman Chris Goodman said Winehouse collapsed at her north London home Monday after signing autographs for a group of fans. An assistant caught her before she hit the ground.

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Amy Winehouse at Paris Fashion Week

There are several sights one expects to see upon their arrival at Paris Fashion Week… beautiful people, avant-garde designs, but Amy Winehouse??? The singer entertained the crowd at the Fendi show last night.

The rehab-celeb was said to be hand-picked by Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi’s design-meister. And Amy confessed she felt like a fish out of water. “Forgive my ignorance, I don’t know anything about fashion,” she told the 600-person audience, including Jessica Alba, Kanye West, and Rihanna.

At one point in her show, Winehouse stated that she was, “really glad to be booked by Fendi because I was getting bored.”

She joked: “I’m available for bookings. If anyone wants me for a wedding or a bar mitzvah. … Well maybe not a wedding. My music’s a little too heartbreak. For a wedding, you need something meeker.”

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My Gaydar Worked: Ricky Martin was Outed Gay!

Just jared

I know we’ve debated Wentworth Miller’s sexual orientation lately and this topic could give you the impression that I’m homophobic (which I’m not), but I think anyone should have this “Gaydar” thing for many reasons. Some reasons are serious, like detecting in time, not after building illusions about people we’re attracted to, or our loved ones. This way we’ll get the chance to see and respect people for what they are…

I personally think I have the device in my possession. But why this topic again though, you’ll ask… Because yesterday a gay Swedish magazine Salonk posted that a friend of Ricky Martin accidentally outed that the Latin pop singer gay! The “good friend” is the skin-care guru Ole Henriksen, Martin’s facialist.

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Lindsay Lohan Out of Jail in 80 minutes

Lindsay Lohan has served just over 80 minutes in jail in relation to her two drunk-driving arrests in Beverly Hills and nearby Santa Monica in May and July. The actress checked in to the Lynwood jail in California on Thursday morning, but by lunchtime she was out, according to Web site

She was supposed to serve time is the same jail that both Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie did, earlier this year for driving offenses.

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Celeb’s Fashion Style: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Chuck

We all know beautiful actress of “The OC” FOX series, has always been shadowed by Mischa Barton fashion wise in and outside the show. It’s time to pay attention to her teen fashion style, because lately her “Off Screen Style”, is more fun and creative. We can only guess that it reflects her personality more…
While Mischa Barton looks so glamorous on the red carpet, Rachel catches up when it comes to her daily style. Not even one of her paparazzi shot ever caught her on the wrong foot. Her and outfit always looking gorgeous and feminine in a quirky sort of way…

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Wentworth Miller gay or straight? “A wife and kids is definitely something I’m looking forward …”

Everybody’s wondering if Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller is gay, and so am I :) At the beginning of august Wentworth Miller said he’s desperate to settle down with a wife and children, but fears he’s too busy to meet a potential mate. The actor claims the show’s tough schedule makes it impossible for him to meet women. He says, “A wife and kids is definitely something I’m looking forward to experiencing in the very near future. But she’ll probably have to wait until the show finishes.”

On the other hand Wentworth Miller dating actor pal Luke MacFarlane had been nothing more than a speculation till at the end of august, when celebrity gossip spies for Just Jared proved these two spent together in Los Angeles over the weekend. MacFarlane is the ex-boyfriend of Grey’s Anatomy star TR Knight.

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