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New Burning Love Pouch-Cotton Candy

Burning Love Pouch

Surely the most beautiful iPod pouches available in the UK, the Cotton Candy model consists of gorgeous pink fluffy hair all round to keep your ipod safe and sound while also making it a leading fashion statement.
MP3 Additions, one of the leading iPod accessory online retailers in the London,UK, today announced the release of the “Burning Love Pouch” range, the most original and funky iPod pouches available on the market today.
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American Idol Contestant Releases New Single

Los Angeles, CA–October 30, 2006–The public’s fascination with “American Idol” is evident by the success that not only the winners, but finalists enjoy after their season’s competition is over. But what about those who lose in the earlier rounds – what does the experience do to their dreams? For Patrick Hall, being eliminated the very first week after getting to the top 24 on last season’s “American Idol” turned out to be the inspiration for him to take his music career to the next level and go for it.
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