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How To Choose Proper Tools for your Beads Work Design

Before you start working with beads you should make sure that you have all of the tools that you are going to need. There will be many tools that can make your time beading more enjoyable and easier as well. Take a few moments to consider the following beading tools and make a list so that you know to pick them up the next time that you head out.   It will be very important for you to purchase chain nose pliers. These will have flat jaws on them and they will also come to a point at the end. When you shop for these pliers you may see that you can purchase cheap ones or expensive ones. You may also find that you can purchase ergonomical pliers. These will be the best way to go because you will be using them a lot and they are going to be in your hands all of the time. You do not want your hands to become sore. Read More →

Hello Kitties! Party Theme!!!

We postponed Sarah’s Birthday Party because she got hit with huge flu problem on her 3th birthday.  Almost everybody close to us had it and after 10 days we had a small celebration at home, but we kept the Party Theme: Hello Kitty!

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QBeautyHobby: What do you like the most about you?

Always too modest to share this answer? Me too!!! But this time Maddie Answers:

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Happy New Year from Beauthobby!

Have all the BEAUTY in the world in your hearts and souls to spread it to all people you love! May 2011 bring you the starters of the pinkest life you can imagine!

Thank you for being with me all this time and stay tuned for my 2011 topics, posts and beauty tips and news, because I promise I’ll be back for real in 2011. Thanks again for your suggestions, comments on the topics and for becoming my friends on Facebook or Twitter in 2010. I’ll keep bringing you news on latest beauty trends, latest technology cosmetics and procedures, and celebs gossip and promise to answer to all your questions this year and come up with interesting reads as sign of respect for the time you give to our community.

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Happy Easter! Ornaments, Painted Eggs & Photos

I wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter with your families! I’ve done pretty much any ornament including the painted egg. Photos!!! I’ll take dozens and share my favorites with you!  Let me know if you like my first and feel free to ask high res except my bb’s pic. :)
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Sarah’s 1-st Pink Purse Birthday!

Pink Purse Birthday Cake

Pink Purse & Happy Birthday to my dearest baby girl!!!

March 19 2010 was my baby Sarah’s First Birthday Party  day-1. Because Sarah is such a smiley little girl and soooo happy when she receives visits, me and my husband decided to have our friends and family invited in separate mini-groups to make the most of it. We thought is better not to have Sarah exhausted from so many smiles and laughs, not to mention baby talks and we had 3 party-days dedicated to our very very special Event!  :)

She got so many girly-girl presents: learning toys and such incredible cute dresses, as Iknow she will make a fashion statement this summer… :) Read More →

March Charms:Happy 1’st March, Happy Spring!

March Charm

I want to wish you all A Happy New Spring!!! May the sun shine in your hearts and peace of your soul be disturbed only by happy bird twitters… or mine :))) In my country Spring start is celebrated by celebrating Women. Every man: relative, friend, colleague, people who has meeting with you  on 1’st March must offer you at least a flower! :)

An old custom also exist here: Men you know and meet offers you girls, lady young or not so young :) a symbolic little object called ” Martisor ” (March Charm) tied with a Red and White Cord Bow – the Romanian for Ying & Yang (good & bad) created as a charm to bring you luck, with nature’s coming back to life! Read More →

Beauty CONTEST: Create the Illamasqua Nail Varnish Shade

Illamasqua Nails
Illamasqua VelocityIllamasqua DystopiaIllamasquaSirensIllamasqua Obsess

Wanna have your name on a  Illamasqua NailI Shade? llamasqua, the edgiest, nighttime makeup brand, is looking for the next hot Nail Varnish color, and beginning on February 21, 2010, it could be created by you!
Submit a description of your dream color and what inspired it, along with an image or photograph, and you could have your shade created by Illamasqua. The winning shade will be sold as an exclusive, and through UK-based Selfridges department stores and, beginning in October of 2010 (although, you’ll get your hand on it before anyone else!).
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Giveaway: Pink, Sony VAIO and Inspiration from Lauren Luke

Sony Vayo Laptop

During love month,  February,  Lauren Luke is partnering with Sony for a special giveaway. Coming right off the heels of her “Inspiration Nation Tour” and to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Lauren is giving away a pink Sony VAIO laptop through a contest on her website. I was so  touched when I first bumped on the Lauren Luke’s story on YouTube. One must be reminded once in a while that passion is endless in it’s power and can bring you such great rewards… Her experience was inspiring for me. And I wasn’t the only one who was moved by her life lesson of passion:

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My Beauty Princess: Baptism Theme, Invitations & Girl Dresses

Remember my comeback post? I’ve promised then to let you to peek on the Baptism Invitations I’ve made for my baby girl Sarah. As I said, I started the Baptism Theme from her cold pink tone baptism dress. Together with our best god-mom Deea, picked up the dresses for Sarah and Denise (her 5 years old daughter) from Princess.Dresses.

There are times when I feel like doing it myself… when everybody asks me why, and the answer is: “I have the pleasure and often, my misdoes lighter” :))  The result : I worked on every detail, even though I had just about 4 months from giving natural birth and I was still breast feeding. :)

The wedding baptism theme was Small Roses & Organza. Colours: Greypink & Ivory.

Sarah’s organza dress had mini embroided roses on it as u can see, had the Pink Organza & Ivory Brocart for table small roses and green wild flowers, not less but I used ivory & pink colors for the invitations. :))
Invitation How to Make :

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Sweets & Treats

If you had no time to prepare treats to spoil and increase the endorphin’s level to your loved one on V’s day, you can order online great Valentine’s Day sweets. They make also great last-minute gifts for men and women with a very, very sweet tooth. Sure you mustn’t ignore the fact that a healthy diet and perfect skin is much beneficial for long-term relationships: So here are two chocolate gifts :

The gift set contains a Vanilla Bath Creamer, Chocolate Orange Bath Creamer, Coffee Mocha Bath Melts, Chocolate Bath Mallow, Double Choc Chip Bath Gem, Chocolate Buttercup Bath Melt.  Containing Cocoa butter and Shea Butter, these sumptuous Bath Melts will soften skin and help with things like wrinkles and stretch marks!  Looking good enough to eat, our Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts also contain essential oils and natural ingredients.  Who said chocolate had to be bad for you?

Dale and Thomas offers gourmet flavored popcorn:

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Avatarize Yourself Software Review

James Cameron’s Avatar is surely the largest grossing film of our time, the McDonald’s website now has a fun tool where you can Avatarize yourself into a Na’vi.The application easy to use and fun! After uploading your picture you can simply choose your male/female character. Then click Preview->Share->Download as Image to get  your 2 emotion avatars faces: happy  or angry  :)
Below are the Na’vi versions of me, AND my doghter Sarah who’s only 10 months old :)) Read More →

What’s Pink In Your Shoulder Bag?

I’ve noticed I’m not the only women who gets her joy from her joy for Colors. From my statistics Pink is the most popular Happy Color for women, specially the ones in the Beauty Business. Most probably that’s why all Beauty Magazines are spoiling our eyes every day with Pink Beauty Candies we drooling about…

I find myself smiling whenever a pink object is coming out from my purse at home, at the office, even if I’m in a bank and everybody’s watching me… I wear a smile right in the left corner of my pink lips when my pink phone matched with my pink eyeshadow rings my “Sex And The City”  purse out! :)

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Valentine’s Day Underwear for Him: Sweetheart Brief by Andrew Christian


Haven’t I said to you I’m into pink lately?:) I found the perfect Hot Pink Gift for Him on Valentine’s Day!

I see this as the unique way to make my hubby wear pink underwear and bring my share of joy to V’s Day and hopefully also to you…

The pink underwear I stopped at it’s called Sweetheart Brief from Almost Naked Collection by Andrew Christian and comes in heart shaped tin.:) I’m soooo anPink Hot Men's Underwearxious to this Pink Day, because I already chosen pink shades for evening makeup and my fancy hairband on V’s Day.
I’m dying for their comfort description “Feels like you’re not wearing any underwear at all “:)))) I guess that’s why they called it AN:))  And other funny spec is “Extra room in front, just where you need it.”:))

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Aromatherapy and Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Do you want to create the most elegant Thanksgiving table for you and your family? If so, Harry Slatkin has the perfect elements to transition your dining room table into a Thanksgiving wonderland. Below are the elements I’ve selected to create the most memorable holiday. Harry Slatkin, the mastermind behind Slatkin & Co, which is also sold at Bath & Body Works. He just launched some amazing products for fall that I wanted to share with you.

5.5 oz. Orange Pierced Pumpkin Figural Candle – Pumpkin is the perfect blend of fresh pumpkin, ground cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla cream. ($19.50)

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Dog Hairstyle: A New Summer Haircut for Fuji


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Personal ‘Art Photography’

night photography

I love photos, I love to pose, especially to photograph myself using my camera, my phone, sometimes even my webcam. :) Since I’m not a photographer most of the are low light or funny, but I wanted to update my photos on BeautyHobby since you seem to be interested…

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Fafi MAC Cosmetics Collection

I’m speechless… Do I really need to write a review on these? These gorgeous new MAC & FAFI eye and cheek palette could make me look like Bozo the Clown, and I’d still go buy them for the beautiful packaging…but they are also MAC…
The graphic expression of French graffiti artist Fafi, these chick-a-boom gals come alive in shades sparked with colourful pearl. A trio of Fafinette figurines specially created by Fafi in celebration of this signature collection for M·A·C. Each Fafinette sports her own style, sass and hair colour, but in their stance and attitude…
Check out the printed t-shirt and makeup bags!:) 3 makeup bags of different dimensions get the Fafinette treatment in this limited edition collection of clear plastic printed with a repeat pattern of all three M·A·C Fafi Fafinettes.:)

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New Collectible Perfumes by Bond No. 9: Andy Warhol’s Collection Review

Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

We all love perfumes… We, so called fashionistas love scents as much as we love designer clothes.We all have this fascination with glamour as an escape hatch for our own age of global anxiety. And how better to express that glamour than with fragrance? But it’s that all that it can express? Who wasn’t in love with a perfume bottle? Many of us collect them, me and my mother kept our favorites and so are most of you…Isn’t it? But some think of it as Art Works, really!
Bond No. 9 is an edgy downtown perfumer, committed to art and design (not just the art of scent-making, but the visual components, too) . I think the idea of combining Perfumery with Pop Art is extraordinary!
This morning I received two of Bond No.9 latest creations Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory (I love) & Saks Fifth Avenue. I’ve decided to follow their model and review them from two angles: the fragrance and the Pop Art bottle and package design. I consider BN9 a luxury affordable perfume brand (although an expensive line, it’s available in different sizes) , a must-have in fashionista’s wardrobe, an Art collection that promises a great value in the future. Really ladies, some are already to die for…

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Bra Straps: Out of sight or Sparkling?

Swarovski Strappers

There are all sorts of bra straps on the market, people talking about ‘Ugly bra strap syndrome’ (out-of-place strap showing) and how they should be arrested by the the Strap Police.

I never mentioned unsightly bra straps in my previous Fashion Mistakes post, because I think there are occasions when it’s not really a mistake if they are visible. But, we all know exposing it doesn’t make a fashion statement. More over, falling bra straps dangling around your elbows is very more than annoying. So, we all should let the discomfort steal from our glow and avoid look cheap sometimes from negligence…

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