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Apple iPhone – widescreen Ipod, mobile phone & internet device

When it comes to design Apple proved that it has no limits… What I think to be the most exquisite phone model of all times, iPhone, filled my heart with with joy when I first laid my eyes on it. But also got me thinking…Why? Sometimes, I think I might have psychic powers. For example this year I’ve written a post about giving digi frames for Christmas and my best friend got one from work. I’ve bought my Nokia 7380 thinking it looks like an iPod shuffle and I can play up to 25 songs on it even though I have to use all 52Mb just to do so (I must admit there are more reasons to like it and the fact that makes a fashion statement is one of them). Now that Apple has accomplished all my wishes, I’m speechless….


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The Boddy Mass Index for your Healthy Weight

Healthatoz BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index calculators are allover the internet. I’ve heard that healthy weight ranges changed lately because the mortality rate increased at certain ages in the unhealthy food context and come up with two interesting calculators:

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The Better Behavior Wheel

The Better Behavior Wheel The Better Behavior Wheel is a breakthrough discovery in child behavior management that’s guaranteed to give you well-behaved kids in less than a week.
When David and Laura were 9 and 12, their constant arguing and bickering was driving parents Julie and Bob Butler crazy. In desperation they held a conference, then sent the kids to their rooms to come up with a list of consequences that could be imposed the next time they had a fight. The following day, list of consequences in hand, the parents decided to put them around the perimeter of a board and then attached a spinner in the center. It was dubbed ‘The Better Behavior Wheel’ and hung up on the kitchen wall.
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