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Married with Children. Who? Me !

As you can see I was missing for a while… You wanna know why? Let me tell you a story…

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas weyyyyyyyyyyy

Relax and enjoy the holidays! I do…Take a peek on this snow flakes!I feel like I’m living a fairytell, that’s how good I feel…  My gift for you: snow flakes from my place, a red bow to wrap all your dreams and hopes for the new year coming up and a light to guide you… I wish you all the best my dear readers!

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NYC -A Magical Holiday Destination like No Other…

Rockefeller Center Tree

There is a one-of-a-kind magic about New York City during the holidays. This magical feeling emanates in the hearts of all who visit. From the white lights, red bows, and tree displays to the warm gourmet foods and welcoming aura at the New York hotels, boutiques, and restaurants, it is a special kind of place.
Aside from the obvious shopping appeal in New York City and the lavish tree in Rockefeller Center, the streets of the Big Apple offer unlimited options for dining and entertainment in a city known for its holiday enchantment. Read More →

Celebrate the New Year in Style!

If you’re thinking about where to spend New Year’s Eve, this will sound like a great idea for many of you!
A crowd of 40,000 people is expected at Niagara Falls which celebrates in hardy Canadian fashion with an outdoor concert and a spectacular fireworks display to be held in Queen Victoria Park, along the Niagara Parkway, with the wonder of Niagara Falls as its backdrop. The New Year’s Eve Party in Niagara Falls will be broadcast live across Canada on the CHTV/Global network.

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