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Hello Kitties! Party Theme!!!

We postponed Sarah’s Birthday Party because she got hit with huge flu problem on her 3th birthday.  Almost everybody close to us had it and after 10 days we had a small celebration at home, but we kept the Party Theme: Hello Kitty!

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Guide: Are Valentine’s Day Gifts, Outfits and Makeups V-Important For Women?

My beauty colleagues started their interesting blogging on Valentine’s Day Gift Guides, Makeup Looks Proposals and Outfits Suggestions for quite a while …

Now, at just two days before Valentine’s Day,  I am sitting on my couch listening one of my favorite Whitney Houston’s songs:  “I’m every woman” (may God fill her soul with love and peace as she did for us with her great voice) thinking of what I should do, not do, wear, give and would like to get on V- Day …  It’s not like I’m going to start planning a last-minute trip or a theme party , but what I find to be perfect V plans!  Maybe I should clarify with you what Valentine’s day means to me before sharing my other suggestions…
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Happy New Year from Beauthobby!

Have all the BEAUTY in the world in your hearts and souls to spread it to all people you love! May 2011 bring you the starters of the pinkest life you can imagine!

Thank you for being with me all this time and stay tuned for my 2011 topics, posts and beauty tips and news, because I promise I’ll be back for real in 2011. Thanks again for your suggestions, comments on the topics and for becoming my friends on Facebook or Twitter in 2010. I’ll keep bringing you news on latest beauty trends, latest technology cosmetics and procedures, and celebs gossip and promise to answer to all your questions this year and come up with interesting reads as sign of respect for the time you give to our community.

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Easter Photos Part II

Easter Bunny Photo

Few more Easter Photos I took these days…

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Happy Easter! Ornaments, Painted Eggs & Photos

I wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter with your families! I’ve done pretty much any ornament including the painted egg. Photos!!! I’ll take dozens and share my favorites with you!  Let me know if you like my first and feel free to ask high res except my bb’s pic. :)
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MAC Curiositease Comeback: Helium, Softwash Grey, Naval Blue, Sun Pepper Pigments & Reflects Blue Glitter

photo BH

MAC Curiositease is a story about 4 Cool Pigments and 1 Glitter. MAC offered Curiositease in 2007 Holiday Collection. It was then an opportunity for MAC fans to try different  pigments shades in small size, sparkle eyeliners, glosses presented in a superb Antique-like white-silver & white-golden packaging.
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Red Nail Polish on Fair Skin: Perfect Chic – Photos, Swatches, Review

Photo Beautyhobby

Perfect Chic it’s just another quality red nail polish… nothing special, just  a brightened red cream.  But isn’t fair to say you don’t like it, since it’s cheap resistant, very smooth, even, and opaque in just one coat. So I like it, more over since I don’t see red on nails like a bold color, not even on my fair Winter-Spring skin. When it comes on my need to have a splash of color brightening my gray or black & white office outfit, red nails just does all the work for me! :)
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Purity Organic Skin Care Facial Exfoliator Review + Photos

Purity Facial Exfoliator

Purity Organic  Skin Care Facial Exfoliator is a deep pore cleanser. It isn’t a face wash exfoliator, but a  fragrance free cream with coconut shell abrasive particles, created for sensitive skin. I use it for 9 days now, and as I’ve mentioned in my preview post,  the results are positive with Purity!

Some of you know, I have sensitive mix normal-dry skin and this creamy exfoliator really offers nutrition to my fairly dry skin areas. I’ve started using the 3 Purity skincare products at the same time and since the weather was still cold and from my vitamin E lack, I had dry skin on the eye outer corner areas. This product not only worked on those areas progressively leaving my skin softer , but made it brighter after each usage.

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Sarah’s 1-st Pink Purse Birthday!

Pink Purse Birthday Cake

Pink Purse & Happy Birthday to my dearest baby girl!!!

March 19 2010 was my baby Sarah’s First Birthday Party  day-1. Because Sarah is such a smiley little girl and soooo happy when she receives visits, me and my husband decided to have our friends and family invited in separate mini-groups to make the most of it. We thought is better not to have Sarah exhausted from so many smiles and laughs, not to mention baby talks and we had 3 party-days dedicated to our very very special Event!  :)

She got so many girly-girl presents: learning toys and such incredible cute dresses, as Iknow she will make a fashion statement this summer… :) Read More →

Crazy Pink Makeup: ‘Pink Cat Style’

Pink Cat Makeup

Color trends report – crazy pink is back!  I feel Pink Today, so I’ll wear Pink Cat Style with my crazy pink scarf and finally my short grey Spring leather jacket! Here are the special touches of my Today’s Cat adventure:

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Preview: Purity Organic Skincare- Anti-aging Serum & Mask, Facial Exfoliator and Moisturizer +Photos

Purity Orcanic Sinkcare

Anti-aging Serum & Mask, Facial Exfoliator and Moisturizer by Purity Organic Skincare are my newest skincare entries on my Test For Review list. After this long winter and some major hormonal changes I really need some love and care for my skin.I have a special Preview on 3 skincare products which promise, promise, promise…

I can’t stop myself to say I’ve started to use it and have some positive results from my very first usage. But that’s all the preview until my Review Post. here are  3 skincare products  you might want (or need as I do) for Spring-Summer Skin Radiance. :))  I hope you like my newest home photo studio arrangement for Photo Reviews.

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March Charms:Happy 1′st March, Happy Spring!

March Charm

I want to wish you all A Happy New Spring!!! May the sun shine in your hearts and peace of your soul be disturbed only by happy bird twitters… or mine :))) In my country Spring start is celebrated by celebrating Women. Every man: relative, friend, colleague, people who has meeting with you  on 1′st March must offer you at least a flower! :)

An old custom also exist here: Men you know and meet offers you girls, lady young or not so young :) a symbolic little object called ” Martisor ” (March Charm) tied with a Red and White Cord Bow – the Romanian for Ying & Yang (good & bad) created as a charm to bring you luck, with nature’s coming back to life! Read More →

Avatarize Yourself Software Review

James Cameron’s Avatar is surely the largest grossing film of our time, the McDonald’s website now has a fun tool where you can Avatarize yourself into a Na’vi.The application easy to use and fun! After uploading your picture you can simply choose your male/female character. Then click Preview->Share->Download as Image to get  your 2 emotion avatars faces: happy  or angry  :)
Below are the Na’vi versions of me, AND my doghter Sarah who’s only 10 months old :)) Read More →

What’s Pink In Your Shoulder Bag?

I’ve noticed I’m not the only women who gets her joy from her joy for Colors. From my statistics Pink is the most popular Happy Color for women, specially the ones in the Beauty Business. Most probably that’s why all Beauty Magazines are spoiling our eyes every day with Pink Beauty Candies we drooling about…

I find myself smiling whenever a pink object is coming out from my purse at home, at the office, even if I’m in a bank and everybody’s watching me… I wear a smile right in the left corner of my pink lips when my pink phone matched with my pink eyeshadow rings my “Sex And The City”  purse out! :)

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Fafi MAC Cosmetics Collection

I’m speechless… Do I really need to write a review on these? These gorgeous new MAC & FAFI eye and cheek palette could make me look like Bozo the Clown, and I’d still go buy them for the beautiful packaging…but they are also MAC…
The graphic expression of French graffiti artist Fafi, these chick-a-boom gals come alive in shades sparked with colourful pearl. A trio of Fafinette figurines specially created by Fafi in celebration of this signature collection for M·A·C. Each Fafinette sports her own style, sass and hair colour, but in their stance and attitude…
Check out the printed t-shirt and makeup bags!:) 3 makeup bags of different dimensions get the Fafinette treatment in this limited edition collection of clear plastic printed with a repeat pattern of all three M·A·C Fafi Fafinettes.:)

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas weyyyyyyyyyyy

Relax and enjoy the holidays! I do…Take a peek on this snow flakes!I feel like I’m living a fairytell, that’s how good I feel…  My gift for you: snow flakes from my place, a red bow to wrap all your dreams and hopes for the new year coming up and a light to guide you… I wish you all the best my dear readers!

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Give Digi Frames This Season!

I think I have just about all of my gifts purchased. Sometimes wraping all the little goodies in my stocking is often more fun than opening up gifts from under the tree.
If you still looking for stocking stuffers this year or are just trying to come up with gift ideas, then consider some of the wonderful digital memory frames available at
Digital Frame

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Let it snow, let it snow…with Christmas Gifts


Silence…finally taking a break, but my thoughts are flying… Even so late, I can’t help thinking what I might do…I already smell the holiday season… flashing ideas…nice things I can do for all my love ones… Read More →