Go Nude this Summer 2012: The Hot Makeup Trend

Today BeautyHobbyreveals  Nude Makeup Trend  for 2012 by  Brenda Lyttle beauty expert  for Ultimate Cosmetics. Enjoy reading Brenda’s tips below:


Here’s  my favorite  Nude Makeup Look .

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How To Choose Proper Tools for your Beads Work Design

Before you start working with beads you should make sure that you have all of the tools that you are going to need. There will be many tools that can make your time beading more enjoyable and easier as well. Take a few moments to consider the following beading tools and make a list so that you know to pick them up the next time that you head out.   It will be very important for you to purchase chain nose pliers. These will have flat jaws on them and they will also come to a point at the end. When you shop for these pliers you may see that you can purchase cheap ones or expensive ones. You may also find that you can purchase ergonomical pliers. These will be the best way to go because you will be using them a lot and they are going to be in your hands all of the time. You do not want your hands to become sore. Read More →

Review Completed: No Lip Wrinkles! Revealing My Secret Lip Plumper Without Surgery + Tips

I’ve completed the lip plumping program and now I can have it 3 times bigger in no time! The final stage called “Beautiful lips  is over:  My lips are fuller and look more defined. I never wanted big, bold lips, but as I said that is not a trick for me anymore! So this is the part II of my review.  Below you’ll see how I look with plumped lips, beyond my comfort level, but allow me to reveal  my secret first: After years of thinking having perfect lips is just a dream , being afraid that surgery can bring more lips that my face will accept in normal proportions I now own the secret of beautiful lips and doing it in my own time, my desired dimensions and no pain and expenses.  Of course, I’m talking about the pump and glosses I’ve reviewed for you and even giveaway in a contest! If you have the pump, you are in the right place to read all about my experience with it and even get some of my tips. If you don’t have one yet you might get the desire to buy one ( my links for you are included in the review post).  After using it for some while (even though I must admit I didn’t use it twice a day more than one time) , I can accomplish huge lips every time I use it without any bruises or redness on my lips. I haven’t ever got any defined contour line, but now it looks better than ever did. I certainly can apply lipstick better! Read More →

Skin Care Giveaway : RoC Retinol Correxion MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System

RoC Retinol Correxion  MAX Wrinkle  Resurfacing System, proven to be very  effective for my wrinkles as you can see in my review+photos,  is now TO WIN for  BeautyHobby.com US readers ( product is only available in US) !!!


What’s for: This lightweight moisturizer combines RoC  RETINOL with an E-PULSE Technology Resurfacing Serum to function as one powerful unit for maximum results.  Together, this blend stimulates the skin’s natural process to provide beautiful, younger-looking, velvety smooth skin.

In clinical testing, dermatologists also observed significant improvements in the appearance of:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Cheek wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Overall skin appearance
  • Sun damage

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You WON The Lip Plumping Shop Giveaway on BeautyHobby.com! Congratulations!!!

The Lip Plumping Shop Giveaway is over!!! Two winners were already selected!  @Lisa Brown and @Ioana C. are the two lucky BeautyHobby readers selected from over 5000 entries (comments+likes+tweets)!


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BRITNEY SPEARS Launches New Fragrance – fantasy twist

Britney Spears, recently announced as a judge on this season’s’. The X Factor, is launching BRITNEY SPEARS„fantasy twist, a new fragrance offering, available in October 2012 . By pairing two of Britney’s most beloved scents, BRITNEY SPEARS „fantasy twist offers the empowered woman two best-selling fragrances in the convenience of a single, unique bottle.

„With BRITNEY SPEARS fantasy twist, I wanted to combine two of my favorite fragrances into a sophisticated bottle, giving my fans the power to choose the scent they desire at any given moment,” Britney says.

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I just LOVE the presentation video for Obakki Fall 2012 Fashion Collection! The newest Obakki collection explores the dramatic timeline of South Sudan, telling a story through color, texture and pattern. Gun metal grays encased in sanguine, earthy neutrals and vibrant ultramarines punctuate each chronological stage.

You will discover  Obakki’s interpretation of the unique story of South Sudan as it unfolds through the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. To me, this fashion film is like a metaphor for the people’s hope to help re-build a country with fashion. It shows that sometimes  good, positive feelings, can come up from things we didn’t noticed before. That we should enjoy more the simplicity of life. .. What are your feelings on this? :)

To view all the runway photos of the Obakki fall / winter 2012 showing at New York fashion week, continue reading :

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Online Medicines Prescriptions: How to Stay Healthy with Ease

We all lead busy lives in one way or another, meaning that it often gets tough to keep on top of things. This is particularly true of situations that don’t usually crop up – illness, for example.Whether you’re at home looking after the kids, in the office getting on with your job or even traveling around the country, you can’t let things slow you down – even if you can’t make it to the chemist to get what you need.

However, with the wonders of the internet, you may only need a couple of minutes of spare time on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to get what the doctor’s ordered. Online prescriptions are becoming the in-thing now; while drugs and treatments were once the bastion of a high street pharmacy counter, they’re now delivered to your door.

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Kelly Osbourne attended the Champneys-sponsored BritWeek Gala  Friday, May 4th!  As always, Kelly looked fashionable andchic.  She attended the event in support of the Champneys brand and the event’s honoree, Piers Morgan.

Kelly, Piers Morgan, Katherine Jenkins, Jerry Springer and Bear Gryllswere a few celebs in attendance, who participated in the Champneys VIP activation, which benefited Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  They each imprinted their hand prints (think Hollywood Walk of Fame), which will be donated to the Children’s Hospital with a donation from Champneys.

Kelly Osbourne  “Since I can remember, I would always go to the Champneys U.K. Spa when I needed a relaxing getaway. The Spas are gorgeous! I can finally have a
little piece of home here in the U.S.”
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Cosmetics Giveaway: Lip Plumping Shop De Luxe Edition Sets


GIVEAWAY!  Together with Lip Plumping Shop we’ll be glad to select two lucky  winners to win the kit on beautyhobby.com. This is a Worldwide giveaway for our readers!

The Prize: 2x De Luxe Edition Sets, they include 30ml Ultra Desire Gloss EXTREME and a Lip Plumping Device in pink, black or white each.

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Lip Plumping Shop Pump + Original & Extreme Glosses – Review + Photos +Giveaway


As you know from my preview post, I recently received  a kit from ‘Diamond Series’ by the Lip Plumping Shop. My kit includes:  Ultra Lip Desire Original Lip Gloss (30ml) , one Ultra Lip Desire Extreme Lip Gloss (30ml)  and the Lip Plumping device itself – the pump. The Lip Plumping Shop pump produces plumping  results as it draws fluid into the lips through a user-controlled vacuum pump. I will tell you all about my experience with this innovative lip plumping kit, give you the chance to win it,  but first, I invite you to read their presentation for each product:

Lip Plumping Device
Thie Lip Plumping Shop Pump generates an adequate amount of vacuum based suction to create Full Lips, without any pain. It is also the only lip pump is the world that has a pressure release valve to enable users to release the suction easily and to control the amount of lip plumping required. The lip plumping device does not require any batteries because it is a manual, hand held pump. The pump is very easy to use and it works in just a few minutes. The results typically last around 8 – 12 hours per day.

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RoC Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System: Review+ Photos+ Ingredients

The RoC Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System came in the mail for me to review. As you might noticed in my pics (on fb page etc), since I gave birth to Sarah  I don’t look like a fresh apple anymore. My skin  is showing some signs of aging, which is something I can accept and might be a challenge to work on, having the chance to discover and try lots of skin care products.  This wrinkle treatment is recommended for wrinkled, sun damaged skin and it supposed to smooth the  fine lines  up to 4 times better than a leading dermatologist procedure to boosts your skins radiance. Like  all ladies over 30 I was excited to achieve all this using a home wrinkle treatment. So, I gave it a try.

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Lip Plumping Shop Presents Revolutionary Device – Preview Post

The Lip Plumping Shop is is an Australian brand that offers specialized in lip plumping products . I will give a preview of the products and answers to the frequent asked questions  below. No need to say,  I’ m currently testing the 2 great products:  revolutionary Lip Plumping Device and The Ultra Lip Desire Plumping Gloss and my reviews will go live next.

About the brand:

Lip Plumping Shop is an Australian owned and operated company and over the past 5 years we have helped thousands of satisfied customers worldwide to achieve Plumper, Fuller Lips through the use of our Natural Lip Plumping products. We recently appointed an International Marketing Manager to undertake the publicity launch of our Lip Plumping Products, in an attempt to increase our Do Your Lip

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butter LONDON Launches LIPPY Lipglosses Collection for Spring 2012

This season, butter LONDON™ will expand their hold on colour with the launch of LIPPY, a range of long-wearing, lacquer-like lip glosses in shades to match their famous nail lacquers. With the launch of Lippy, butter LONDON is further cementing their stake in color and broadening their product availability. LIPPY will launch with five bespoke butter LONDON™ shades – , Snog, Trout Pout, Yummy Mummy and Teddy Girl.

About the brand:
butter LONDON has quickly become known for their extensive color range within the nail category and they will be expanding their hold on color with the introduction of Lippy – a line of lip glosses in five shades that correspond with lacquer colors already in the butter LONDON collection.  Their 3 Free nail lacquers are create backstage at Fashion Week and have made their way from catwalk to sidewalk in record time. One of the big trends the brand saw backstage at the S/S 12 shows was a “matchy/matchy” look, not just with fingers and toes but also lips.  What was once an elegant, classic look of the past that may have seemed outdated in recent years has made a comeback in a fresh way.  The colors are bolder and the look is more deliberate, sometimes clashing with the pops of neon designers showed in their accessories this season.  See photos& product info:

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Spring 2012 Foundation Collection from Rimmel London Preview

Rimmel London Spring Foundation 2012 Collection includes  Fix & Perfect Pro Primer, Match perfection Foundation, Clean finish Foundation, Match Perfection Concealer.

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Hello Kitties! Party Theme!!!

We postponed Sarah’s Birthday Party because she got hit with huge flu problem on her 3th birthday.  Almost everybody close to us had it and after 10 days we had a small celebration at home, but we kept the Party Theme: Hello Kitty!

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Choose your Hairstyle by Celebrity Face Shape Comparison

It is not you, it is your face.  Having a bad hair day could mean having a bad haircut.  There are so many ways to wear your hair but nothing is more important than knowing your face shape for the hairstyle that would best suit you.

Celebrity hairstyles for your face shape

The key to choosing the correct hair cut for you is finding out what is the shape of your face shape.  Decide on first if you are long, round, square, oval, or heart and what celebrity owns your face shape type also (try comparing your photo with celebrity photos here) . If you are oval, then congratulations are in order because everything will look good on you. Other shapes are not as lucky as they have to choose wisely the hairstyle that would flatter them.  Here are your solutions :

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Spring Skin Care- with Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford!

With spring weather just around the corner (fingers crossed!),  it’s time to ditch that heavy winter skin routine and revitalize your beauty regimen! Yes, ladies, that means more sun coverage, brightening boosters and a daily cleansing routine to leave your skin feeling fresh and flirty.


Find out how to enhance your beauty stash using *Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford*, a system of products designed to work together to achieve fantastic anti-aging results:

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QBeautyHobby: What do you like the most about you?

Always too modest to share this answer? Me too!!! But this time Maddie Answers:

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Oscar Photos : Cameron Diaz At 2012 Oscars – Hair, Makeup & Dress

At the 84th Annual Academy Awards held in Hollywood, CA on February 26th,  Cameron Diaz  walked the red carpet with a surprisingly nude, feminine look  and a new short Bob haircut!

Cameron Diaz @ 84th Annual Academy Awards

 Robin Fredriksz, celebrity makeup artist  gave Cameron Diaz a fresh, polished makeup look that read as old Hollywood glamour. See dress photos!

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