Get The Look: Supermodel Chrissy Teigen’s Hairstyle At Grammy’s

Chrissy Teigen, Sports Illustrated model and the soon-to-be Mrs. John Legend, looked stunning at Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Want to get that supermodel hairstyle look at-home?

Juan Carlos Maciques, Chrissy’s go-to hair guru and stylist at Rita Hazan Salon in NYC explained, “Given the dress, we opted for something up-swept in front to compliment the high neck but gave her long cascading hair down her exposed back. Chic but sexy since she also wanted to feel the movement of hair.”

Below, Juan Carlos provided us with a step-by-step explanation of how to recreate this hair masterpiece:

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How & Why You Should Wear Ugg Boots


Why are Uggs a sticky fashion trend? Ugg Boots are a certain shape of sheepskin boots that surfaced in Australia during the fifties and sixties and feature natural insulative properties that allow air to circulate and keep the feet at body temperature.

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Guide: Are Valentine’s Day Gifts, Outfits and Makeups V-Important For Women?

My beauty colleagues started their interesting blogging on Valentine’s Day Gift Guides, Makeup Looks Proposals and Outfits Suggestions for quite a while …

Now, at just two days before Valentine’s Day,  I am sitting on my couch listening one of my favorite Whitney Houston’s songs:  “I’m every woman” (may God fill her soul with love and peace as she did for us with her great voice) thinking of what I should do, not do, wear, give and would like to get on V- Day …  It’s not like I’m going to start planning a last-minute trip or a theme party , but what I find to be perfect V plans!  Maybe I should clarify with you what Valentine’s day means to me before sharing my other suggestions…
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The List Of All Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends


Fashion Trends are permanently changing and that’s the most exciting part for me is to try to keep up with designer’s bright ideas and barrow them with style! This year Spring/ Summer shows surprised me and made me excited to combine my favorite styles as never did before.  Having some reper points helps us to keep our style in vogue and I find this list to be very useful! So, it makes a great pleasure to share the List of All 23 Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends:

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Backstage Beauty : Ashlee Simpson At 2012 SAG Awards – Hair, Makeup & Dress Photos

Here are Ashlee Simpson’s close-up photos for hair, makeup and dress  at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29th, 2012!

Ashlee Simpson's makeup 2012 SAG Awards

To see the complete look and dress photos Continue Reading!

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Backstage Beauty : Zoe Saldana At 2012 SAG Awards – Hair, Makeup & Dress Photos

Here are Zoe Saldana’s close-ups for hair, makeup and dress photos at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29th, 2012!

Zoe saldana 2012 SAG Awards

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Backstage Beauty :Angelina Jolie At 2012 SAG Awards – Hair, Makeup & Dress Photos

Here are Angelina Jolie’s close-ups for hair, makeup and dress photos at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29th, 2012!

Angelina Jolie 2012 SAG Awards

To see the complete look and dress photos continue reading:

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How to Treat Acne: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Dual Action

Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Dual Action

One third of acne sufferers continue to search for alternative and new acne treatments on the internet.  Luckily,  La Roche-Posay offers Effaclar Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment a product clinically proven to reduce the number of inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions, comparable to the leading prescription treatment.  Actual results below…
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Q: What Beauty Hobby Are You? Do you use Argyle Green Powder Clay?

WBH: What BeautyHobby are you? ANSWER: I sometimes take  Argyle Powder Clay 16 days cures internally and externally and it works great for me! Green clay helps to draw toxins from the skin/intestines  and can calm inflammations.


Heidi Klum Will Divorce Seal Because She Couldn’t Take His Temper Anymore

Heidi Klum and Seal at Disneyland

Heidi’s representative told PEOPLE that the couple was separating, but TMZ reported  Heidi is the one that wants a divorce. The couple says, “We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart.”

Heidi Klum is divorcing Seal largely because she has had it with his volcanic temper … according to TMZ.

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Woman Frebbies: Clinique NEW Almost Spring Trend + Your FREE Lip Duo Worth £32


Spring awaken skin with sheer stains of colour the Clinique NEW Almost Spring Trend 2012. Touch on freshly flushed cheeks. Wear lush, just bitten lips. Add silk-glossed lashes for eye-opening definition. It’s a look so fresh and pretty, some just might think it’s your natural glow. Well, almost.

Sshop the  Clinique 2012 January Almost Spring Trend Collection and you’re getting a FREE lip duo. Perfect your pout with these 2 full-size favourites:

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Celebs Look Chic In: 1920′s Cloche Hats! LEIGHTON MEESTER Wears D&K

Innocent and Sweet or Sly and Conniving?  We all know what Blair Waldorf is about!  But one thing we can all agree on is that her character has STYLE!  Here Lieghton Meester is looking a bit coy in one of D&Y’s 1920′s cloche’s as if stepping right out of The Artist or  Fitzgerald’s Å’This Side Of Paradise or Å’The Great Gatsby!

For Spring 2012, D&Y has created a fashion forward array of straw cloche, wide brimmed floppies and bucket hats that Caroline Reboux herself would be proud of! Here’s a sneak peek in their catalog:
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Holiday Gift Guide: MACY’S Sale On Shoes, Boots, Snearkes, Pumps and Slippers

You need a gift idea? Take the one you love to shopping at Macy’s sale or no sale you’re surely find an item to make her/him happy… Or to buy for yourself as a sign of  consideration and to feel good on this occasion.:)

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Celebs Love Botox -Plastic Surgery Trends In 2012!?

The two most popular forms of plastic surgery in 2011 seem to have been Botox and Breast Enhancement. Much like any other aspect of fashion and beauty, plastic surgery is something that moves in trends of popularity, with certain types of procedures used more commonly at times than others. This is an interesting concept to people who may be considering certain procedures, as it can be worth looking into which procedures are common at a given time.  However, for information on trends, you may need to do a bit more poking around.

Celebs hwo had plastic surgery

In fact, in many cases, mere observation of celebrity surgeries can be a very strong indicator of which surgical styles will soon be common among average people. However, here are a few words on what seemed most popular in 2011, as well as what may be on the horizon for plastic surgery in 2012.
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List of All Drugs & Herbs that Decrease or Cancel Birth Control Pills

Tutsan tea or grapefruit juice really affects birth control? You know what antibiotics will stop your contraception? All women must know that missing up to 10 pills in a row (7 placebo pills and the 1st 3 pills of a pill pack) does not result in ovulation! You must be aware though, of what you are putting into or onto your body, whether it be teas, juices, throat lozenges, tablets, or  even cosmetics.

retro Car sexy KissThe main idea to keep in mind is that long term medications that are suspected of inducing liver enzymes to a large extent should be treated as if they may require higher oral contraceptive doses.

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How to Add Lasting Volume To Your Hair Without Teasing – Tips

I never, ever tease my hair! I generally straighten it, and add volume to the roots… I found a method not to use the hair curlers every time I need to add volume to my hair.  Having straight hair and with heavy tendency, I often get flat hair when I woke up. Never have the time to add volume, I sometimes prefer getting it into a pony tail and take care of my other beauty routine to gain some time. Besides, I hate curlers to sleep in with…

Yesterday I got this kinda risky idea that proved to be great for me! I went to a great saloon and got a semi perm curling and a a haircut after. So the volume part was done, let’s “get straight”! :) Read More →

New Celebrity Hair Trend: Ombre Hair Coloring

Ombre Celebrity Hairstyle

Among celebs this trend becomes more and more popular: The new hair color trend is called Ombre Hair Color, Ombre being the French for graduation.

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Brunette is back in trend! How should you color your hair depending on your skin tone!

Admitting or not, we all trying to follow the trends, but is also known a beautiful hair color you wear should complement your skin tone. The amount and type of melanin you have -a natural substance which gives your skin, hair, and eyes their color – not only dictates which makeup colors work best on you, but also what shade of hair color is most flattering.

brunette hair color

I’m a convinced brunette and I’m glad brunette is back in trends, but I’m allowed to play with warm tones only and I will tell you why: I’ll have a quick guide for you on how you can pick up your best suited hair shade.

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2 in 1 TV Show: Wentworth Miller Back in Shape & A New Identity

wentworth miller 2011

Wentworth Miller seems to have gotten it together! Looks like he also traded in a slim waistline and a decent hair cut since my Wentworth Miller FAT Gossip. On the other side , it’s been too long since we’ve seen Wenty’s pretty face… After a long while, we finally get to watch Wentworth on a TV  Show again! Read More →

Cosmetics & Care Giveaway by MAC, Senna, Krauter & Maximum Lash

Win it! New Cosmetic Giveaway for BeautyHobby Readers!

It includes: MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow ($14), Senna Cosmetics 22 Base Buffer Brush ($22), MAC Cosmetics Lipglass($14), Hydrating Krauter Bio Handcream with grape seeds & almond oils (LifeCare Europe, perfect for the winter skincare) and “Maximum Lash” Eyelash (& brows) Conditioner ($49)!!!

Bonus : Paris Eiffel tower Paris Key Holder (I’ll ask you to choose from the two models). :)

I linked them to review, presentation or instructions since will not come into their initial package (items are not for sale proposes).

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